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Enamel Painted Doors – advantages, characteristics, how to choose

Painted Interior Doors

Enamel Painted interior doors are suitable for modern and classic interiors. Models with such a finish will perfectly emphasize the original designs and will become the highlight of an apartment or house. They will delight you with a wide variety of shades, décor options, can be easily restored and are designed for long-lasting service. In this article, we will look at how they are made, what other pros and cons they have. Let’s list the basic rules and features of the choice, for example, how to distinguish high-quality products from defective ones.

Painted Doors

 Production process of enamel painted door slab

At the middle of such structures is a strong frame made of pine timber, less often another array is used. For cladding, MDF panels are used, supplemented with milling, inserts or panels. Natural wood is rarely used, because this immediately increases the cost and weight of the finished door. Some manufacturers cover the models with a layer of inexpensive but attractive wood veneer. This creates a noticeable structure and natural wood grain.

Corrugated cardboard, boards or foam are used for insulation. Hollow products are not in high demand. All materials absorb sound well, help drown out sounds from neighboring rooms.

Before painting, the interior door is carefully sanded, unless otherwise provided by the design. Then a layer of primer is applied for better adhesion. After drying, the slab is painted. There can be several layers – from 1 to 3 or more. The resistance of the product to moisture depends on their quantity, therefore, for a bathroom and toilet, it is better to look for models with a multi-layer finish. 

Types of enamel for interior doors

For coloring, manufacturers can use different paint options, but not all of them indicate which ones. The most common of all, using four basic options :

                                Acrylic. Pleases with safety, fast drying. But, to give it reliability, they cover it with an additional layer of varnish.

                                Nitroenamel. The most durable, wear-resistant. On the slab surface, it forms a universal film that is resistant to any impact. But it has a pungent and unpleasant odor. It persists for some time after production, but disappears with use.

                                Latex. Water-based composition, perfectly absorbed into wood. Forms a durable coating. No scent, easy to clean. The main advantage is that you do not need a lacquer layer for finishing. It comes in matte and glossy.

                                Enamel. A mixture of enamel and varnish applied by spraying. It stands out for its resistance to impacts, a variety of shades. Easy to maintain and restore. Not afraid of humidity and temperature extremes.

In rare industries, a long-drying alkyd paint can be used. Many, due to the drying time, refused to use it in the direction of more effective formulations.  

Advantages and disadvantages of enamel doors

Enamel models advantages:

  • Large selection of shades and options for their combination
  • Fits into any interior in a variety of styles
  • Can be embodied in different designs with a variety of elements
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature extremes
  • Difficult to damage, scratch and chip.
  • The coating can be easily restored or replaced
  • Environmentally safe compositions
  • The finish does not need complex maintenance, is not afraid of soap and detergents

Cons of interior enameled doors:

  • With prolonged use, even on the best finish, cracks will appear and the layer will need to be renewed.
  • The slabs do not withstand serious mechanical shocks – chips and scratches are formed. It is not recommended to hit them with heavy objects, as well as to pick them with knives, nails, etc.
  • If the paint is severely damaged, moisture will begin to absorb into the frame and MDF panel. And they are deformed .
  • Glossy and white enamels show fingerprints and dirt, so wipe them down frequently.
  • Models with quality finishes are quite expensive.

These disadvantages should be taken into account when buying and searching for a suitable slabs, as well as during its subsequent operation.

Things to pay attention to when choosing

Before placing an order, you need to decide on four main parameters.

  1. Interior door design – models are available in different designs:  

                                With milling of varying complexity and depth. Patterns can be geometric and floral.

                                With glass – tinted, frosted, with stained glass, facets, etc.

                                With patina – gold, silver, copper, etc.

                                With glazing beads and a baguette – carved overlays that perfectly complement the interior in classic styles.

The color of the slab – most often there are monochromatic models, decorated in different ways. Less often, you can come across products in two or more shades. Usually, for these purposes, interior doors can be painted directly by the seller. Products of white, black, light green, beige colors are in the greatest demand. It is selected taking into account the color scheme of the room.  

  • Room style – painted models are used to furnish apartments in the spirit of Art Nouveau, Techno, Hi- tech , Empire, Baroque and Rococo, Provence and Country. Less commonly used in other directions.
  • Opening option – enameled doors, due to their decoration, can have an opening type in various ways. The most convenient is to take into account the available free space. Exceptions are sliding and accordion models. They should not be painted, since chips form at the joints if handled carelessly.

How to evaluate the quality of an Enamel Painted door

When accepting a finished structure, you need to carefully examine it in order to identify possible shortcomings and defects.

  • Take a look at the ends for drips and smudges.
    • Inspect the rest of the surface for smoothness and evenness of paint overlay. Bubbles and streaks, brush marks are a mistake or a violation of technology. The number of layers is determined according to the same principle. One is the most subtle and cannot hide everything.
    • Check the shade and its distribution. It should be the same on the whole slab, no darkening or lightening.
    • Glossy slabs must shine everywhere. No matt spots.
    • It is advisable to check the product for the quality of the coloring composition and the absence of bubbles. They will crack even when pressed lightly.

Enamel painted interior doors are an excellent solution for a home, apartment or an office. Such models will fit into many modern and classic interiors, emphasize the originality of the furnishings and become its noticeable element. They are easy to maintain and restore, please with a variety of shades, resistance to humidity, temperature extremes and mechanical damage. In order for the selected and purchased slabs to have all these qualities, it is enough to carefully examine it when ordering and receiving. 

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