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Interior door styles

interior door styles

The uniqueness of the conceived interior is created thanks to the many details that are carefully selected for a specific place and in the end give a unique stylish composition. But, at the same time, even a slight imbalance can break the idyll, for example, an interior door, which, ideally, should support the design idea and not cause any complaints in the harmony of the plot, so when you go shopping, you should first find out the styles of interior doors.

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Interior Door Style Examples

Different types of interior door styles

To date, interior designers have identified 8 styles that door manufacturers turn to for inspiration and among which modern buyers choose their own unique decor element to decorate their home or office.

First of all, it is a classic – the queen of strict lines, proportionality and lightness. Products that meet all its requirements must be made of quality materials, especially the canvas itself, for which an array of any wood is taken. Traditionally, classic doors are a blank slab divided in half by panels, but there are also glass doors, where the glass slab is fixed on a decorative lattice in the upper part of the slab.

The most relevant style is the hi-tech style, characterized by simplicity of geometric shapes, maximum openness, ergonomics and a combination of shiny and matte details. It also does not tolerate cheap textures for the manufacture of doors, because it is designed only for cutting-edge materials and their combination, most often they are metal and glass. Conciseness and rigor are also inherent in the techno style, which offers fans of minimalism a worthy option – deaf doors of straight, clear lines without panels. More softly perceived is simple and concise – country, which is distinguished by its decor elements that take you to the Wild West. A rough bronze door handle or the hinges themselves can become quite a worthy decoration.

Modern or calm door style?

Art Nouveau is a calm and noble style, paying special attention to smooth lines and curved shapes. Doors made in his style can be recognized by the decor – opaque glass with delicate floral ornaments, as well as by the presence of additional lighting on them, which adds not only aesthetics, but also practicality.

Bold and luxurious Art Deco style with its pompous pomp can win any heart at first sight, leaving an unforgettable impression of what he saw. Doors, executed in accordance with the image, should be made of precious woods, only this can achieve spectacularity. As a decor, they are decorated with rectilinear floral ornaments, with special emphasis on not only muted, but also bright colors, leopard motifs, gold echoing frosted glass, etc.

No less luxurious is the baroque style, which decorated the doors with gold, bright colors, with the help of which unique patterns appeared, giving the product nobility and chic. For those who lack tenderness, Provence doors will be the best option, looking at which you can go to a dream world. The door slab is white – this is usually achieved by artificial aging, as a decor, a discreet floral ornament, which adds lightness and mystery.