Steel Security Doors

Steel Security doors
For the reliable protection of your home from intrusion, you need to know how housebreakers work. Experts of the leading brands carefully analyze information about the most modern methods of lock breakers. And engineers take into account this information while developing technical solutions. They inlay new products directly into the production of steel doors. Our store Doors & More sells these brands! The result of many years of experience has become a line of steel doors with a thick steel sheet. The doors are being installed according to a methods developed by the most experienced specialists. The main advantages of the solutions are:

Using the technology of heavy-duty mount of the doorframe. Removing a door from a wall will be even more difficult than breaking through a wall anywhere else.
The production of metal doors involves the use of high quality sheet steel, which provides an unrivaled level of strength.
Different anti-removable elements are used, which prevent the door from being opened by cutting the hinges and by other methods that involve removing the iron entry door from the door frame.
The design of the door leaf provides for its significant thickness, which not only increases the level of security, but also makes the door visually impressive, solid, and gives it a pleasant weight. You feel completely safe behind such a door.
Particular attention is paid to the lock area: the lock mechanism is additionally reinforced 4 times more powerful than the rest of the door leaf, and is equipped with an armored plate, which allows to exclude any burglary attempts associated with mechanical destruction of the lock.
Most of our doors are equipped with a lower deviator, which provides additional strength and reliability.
We use only high quality locks that are reliably protected from burglary.

Such doors will delay even the most professional burglar for several strenuous hours of work. This means that the thief will simply bypass your home without risking taking on such a complex work.

We manufacture and install: cheap steel doors directly from the leading manufacturers

As a seller of steel doors, we are constantly improving the design by introducing new safety features and expanding design possibilities. Therefore, by ordering from us, you get the most modern technologies, while paying an affordable price for steel doors. In addition, all doors are made to individual sizes, just for your doorway.