Barn Doors

Barn doors are light modifiers that shape and direct light. They are flexible to use and can create focused light. They also make a variety of shapes. Barn doors are fixed onto the front of studio or theatre lights.

Regardless of the style or trend, barn doors are incredibly functional! They are a perfect alternative to pocket doors: the bane of any contractor’s and many homeowner’s existences. Because pocket doors require an opening double the size of the door, covered in drywall with no studs, it results in a wall that is flimsy and tends to wobble. Additionally, they are notorious for falling off their tracks, being difficult to move and their locking mechanism can be difficult, especially for anyone with mobility or dexterity problems. By eliminating a common warranty issue, barn doors provide contractors a perfect solution for putting doors in those unique places that generally only a pocket door would fit due to limited clearance or wall space.