Door Stopper WallMounted 1

How to properly install a door stopper

 The stopper belongs to the extensive section of door fittings. It controls the opening angle of the door, preventing chipping and damage to the interior door slabs in hard contact with furniture or a wall. Door stoppers are presented in an abundance of modifications that differ in structure, appearance and location. According to the last criterion, products are divided into those that are installed on the floor and those that are mounted on the wall. It is easy to mount them yourself by following the instructions below.

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black doors

Black Interior Doors

For some people, the use of a black shade in the interior is a taboo. They prefer light pastels and find that dark colors make the space heavier and not practical. Especially when it comes to interior doors. There is some truth in this, but such an opinion is rather a matter of taste. Modern design selections convince that a black door is a stylish and quite appropriate solution if it is combined with the overall interior and style of the room.

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