Bi-Fold Doors

Are bifold doors a good idea for indoor spaces? Absolutely. They’re a wonderful way to enjoy flexible open plan living space. You can use them to separate off two rooms – a kitchen and a living room, for example – and have the option to open up them up in an instant when needed.

How do bi-fold doors look like? 

Doors that fold and slide on the track and then open – are called bi-fold doors. When such doors are opened, they stack at either side, that results in a solidly unobstructed view.

What materials are used for producing bi-fold doors?

Different materials, such as timber, composite or PVC can be a suitable material for bi-fold doors. But, the most spread and popular material is aluminum because it’s strong, efficient through the thermal break, long-lasting and useful for such opening mechanism. At Doors & More, we sell only premium-class brands, so they can provide different options with a high-quality finish and the best materials on the market.

How much do they cost?

The prices can vary greatly depending on the materials and brand.

At Doors & More we focus on selling the highest-quality door at a better price. As a result, we offer the best option for money, and the fastest delivery times, on the market.

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