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DoorsPlusWindows Price Match Guarantee

At DoorsPlusWindows, we offer a price match guarantee to our valued customers. This ensures that you will always secure a lower price compared to our competitors. To avail of this price matching guarantee, kindly send us an email (info@doorsandmoreny.com) containing an official estimate from a credible competitor or a direct link to their website.

Qualification Criteria:

  1. This offer pertains exclusively to the publicly advertised online price of identical items available for purchase through major retail outlets.
  2. For the purpose of price comparison, the "Price" encompasses the total advertised cost of the item, inclusive of shipping expenses. However, it does not account for discounts originating from a "Loyalty" or "Membership" program, and excludes shipping reductions arising from membership programs like Amazon Prime.
  3. The price of a DoorsPlusWindows item does not incorporate any applicable sales tax.
  4. The major retailer's price must be displayed at the time of your purchase.
  5. The competitor's website should have the item's availability in stock.

Exclusions from Price Match Guarantee:

  1. Prices listed on auction websites.
  2. Items offered by major retailers for free, with rebates, coupons, promotional gift cards/credits, or as part of bundled offers or financing deals.
  3. Clearance or closeout sales.
  4. Items on sale for less than 6 hours in a day.
  5. Items from major retailers that are out of stock, unavailable for immediate shipment, or available in limited quantities.
  6. Major retailer's items advertised below the actual cost of DoorsPlusWindows.
  7. Major retailer's items offered as open box or refurbished.
  8. Additional services such as extended warranties or installation.
  9. Any item provided by DoorsPlusWindows or major retailers that is subject to MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) regulations.
  10. Major retailer's advertised price resulting from a typographical error.
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