Pre Hung Interior Doors

What do Prehung Doors meanPrehung doors include hardware and frame that are already attached. These doors are sold together with the frame that is attached to slab and hinges.

prehung door goes already mounted into a frame and is installed all at once. Please, be warned that installing a prehung door states you will need to prepare a suitable hole in the wall of your apartment.

Depending on the level of preparing to mount the door you want to buy, you can find three basic types on the market:

  • Assembled – This model is entirely ready for installation with the jambs pre-applied to hinges and the doorstop. Plus, it has already contained a door lock. All you need to do is to install it in the provided door opening.
  • Partially assembled – In this case, a few door components are loose and unconnected, so you need to set them. In general, you won’t have much work to do, but it will depend on the model you choose.
  • Knocked down – This type of door comes in parts carefully packed to prevent damage during the transport. Since only primary preparation work is done, you need to put together all the separate pieces before mounting your new door on the wall. Be prepared that door jamb, hinges, and lock are packed separately.