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Traditional Interior Doors

How To Choose Interior Doors

In this article, we are going to explain the basic rules of choosing the interior doors.

When choosing interior and exterior doors, nowadays users face with a huge range of options, which greatly complicates the achievement of the goal. The following information will help you quickly navigate and allow you to make a successful purchase according to all the aspects.

The choice of style of interior doors

Modern interior doors can be classified into three main types by style:

  • Traditional doors – modern, but still without high-tech slopes. Their design simultaneously combines straight rudder lines and light “rounding”;
  • Modern doors, the main differences are very sharp straight lines, the use of glass for decoration, futuristic design;
  • Classic doors – unobtrusive design is perfect for various design solutions in the interior.

Professional designers prefer traditional doors, since, in most cases, the arrangement of the rooms is done with modern furniture with a similar style. It is important that the design and decoration of the doors slab and interior items correspond to the same era.

Traditional Doors

As you begin looking to purchase for a brand new interior doors for your New York home, you may go across a wide range of styles and designs. Of which, one of the significant decisions you will need to make is between traditional and modern interior doors. Whilst some may consider that there is no big difference between most of door designs, other can understand the amazing impact that a high-quality interior door can make on any room. While choosing between traditional and modern designs, it’s very important to get the difference and the way these designs will influence your apartment. Traditional interior doors have the style that takes your memory back to days gone by. Such doors have a more detailed look, and they often suit a particular theme. As an example, some patterns in the door will suit a room or home with a Victorian theme when others are more rustic in nature. Traditional doors can be opulent and luxurious in appearance provided the rest of the apartment is executed accordingly. A traditional door in a modern setting will stick out like a sore thumb.

Modern Doors

Modern doors are laconic for an interior decorated in the style of minimalism, however, many buyers who decide to buy them forget that in addition to a couple of tables in the rooms, there will certainly be other furniture. Thus, this option should be approached more carefully in order to avoid disappointment.

Talking about modern doors, it is worth focusing on the fact that they are laconic to modern furniture, do not get lost against their background and graphically сombine with other units.

Classic doors

Classic style doors for modern interiors – are excellent for the imperial palace style, but in other cases they look disproportionate and lose their presentable appearance. As practice shows, most buyers are owners of apartments with a low ceiling (less than 3 meters) and an area of ​​maximum 2000 square feet.

Important hints when choosing an interior door

Having decided on the style of the door, you should start your visual assessment:

  • It is worth paying attention to the elements that increase the thickness of the slab. If they occur on structures, then professionals recommend abandoning this option, since it is outdated. A similar approach applies to doors with chopped shapes and rounded platbands;
  • If the client nevertheless decided to purchase a door with thickening elements, then it is better that they are rounded – this is more concise and practical (dust accumulates in sharp corners);
  • A door slab decor with a lot of glass is not the best option, since it significantly reduces the sound insulation rate, so that all the noise from the next room will disturb the calm.

Determination of the coating of the interior door slab: what to focus on

An important point when choosing a door is to determine the optimal coating option. This factor depends on the ability to maintain a presentable appearance for a long service life. Professionals discourage pressed laminated material because it looks cheap. In practice, solid slab doors have proven themselves as being excellent.

Most clients prefer light doors, as they don’t do not visually reduce the space and look presentable.

However, in the case of one-color slans, the consumer should take into account that they require more maintenance, as they are easily soiled. Thus, the best option is a variegated door in light colors.

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