Door Hinges

Choosing the right hinge is not a trifle. The door should close well, not creak. The hinges must match the design of the door and withstand the load on the door leaf. The types of door hinges are striking in their variety. There are screw, overhead, hidden, mortise and other types of hinges.

Door Hinges can be used to bring contrast to the doors they hold or blend seamlessly so they aren’t even noticed as a separate part of a door. Door Hinges is an item you’re going to be using daily and long term if you want to make a choice that fits your style welcome to our store in Brooklyn NY. We have answers to common questions that will help you find the right door hinge for your personal taste and design.

For greater safety, metal doors on the hinge side should be equipped with passive crossbars, which will protect the door from being removed.

For installation on interior doors (whichever of the proposed hinges you choose), adjustable door hinges are ideal. They are adjustable in three planes and allow you to save on the installation services. Of course, the adjustable hinges themselves are more expensive than the unregulated ones, but they allow you to correct defects in the door installation and eliminate distortions that may arise during operation. The disadvantage of such hinges can be considered that they are designed for doors weighing 130-150 lbs, and are not suitable for heavier options.

We hope our recommendations will help you make the right choice. Let your doors have a decent hinge!