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Interior Doors For Bathroom in New Jersey

doors for bathroom NJ

When buying an interior doors for bathroom, you need to remember that this is not just an interior door but a unit that must have high moisture resistance. High humidity in the bathroom can render the door unusable if it does not meet this essential requirement. This is especially true for a product made from wood.

bathroom doors new jersey
bathroom doors new jersey

Bathroom doors

The most suitable for these purposes are canvases of their composite materials – PVC, MDF, laminated, and veneered. Such doors will well withstand temperature extremes and high humidity. Synthetic MDF and laminated coatings tolerate moisture and mechanical stress better than veneered ones. Unlike veneered ones, they do not change their geometric dimensions.

This feature should be considered when installing veneered doors, and gaps should be made between the leaf and the frame. Also, avoid direct contact with water on the surface of the veneer. High-quality varnishes must protect the veneered canvas, and high-quality adhesives must be used in its manufacture.

Solid wood doors are a less desirable option for a bathroom. They must be treated with antiseptic solutions, and the surface must be treated with protective varnish in several layers. These doors are expensive. Not everyone can afford it. When installing such products, it is necessary to leave a gap so that the tree breathes.

You can use a door with decorative glass elements. The glass should be frosted and opaque so that when the light in the bathroom is turned on, it does not shine through.

Bathroom latch

Usually, in bathrooms, a hinged version of the door is installed. It can be installed and slid. If the bathroom and toilet are isolated, the box is installed in the wall between the bathroom and the bathroom, and the doors slide into it.

For sanitary facilities, special locks are provided: from the outside – a rotary handle and an emergency opening mechanism. From the inside – a handle and a latch. You can also put an ordinary handle and an ordinary latch from the inside. The choice for today is rich in beautiful fittings.