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Modern sliding doors – mobility and functionality

Modern Sliding Doors New York

Modern sliding doors are a real find for rooms limited by small sizes. The unique design makes it possible to save space, and the stylish design gives the interior elegance and accentuated charm.

Such models are convenient for room zoning. They can divide it into separate areas, being closed and performing the role of a dividing unit, or unite the space in case of opening the slabs. This is very convenient, for example, for zoning the kitchen-living room. For the installation of these slabs, it is necessary to have a place along the wall where they will disperse.

Sensor Sliding Doors
Sensor Sliding Doors

The sliding door can be a single-pocket slab. The sash in this case is displaced along the wall to one or both sides or deep into the wall (similar to a train compartment). The design can be double-slab, in turn, one slab can be static or mobile. The flaps in this case move independently of each other in different directions. There may be designs of more than two slabs, there are many possible options, and these are already multi-slab interior dividers.

Modern Sliding Doors
Modern Sliding Doors

Sliding entrance doors

In addition, sliding doors are an economical option for decorating the entrance to the room. The automatic door is opened by an electric drive at the signal of the sensor, which is infrared sensors.

To date, there are sensors that can determine the speed and direction of a person using 2 video cameras. This makes it possible to exclude the possibility of false actuation of the slab when a person moves parallel to the opening of the door while falling into the sensor’s coverage area. The door can also be actuated by a relay or button. The slabs are equipped with a photocell that reacts to the presence of an object in the area between the wings. It keeps them open all the time while the object is in the sensor’s coverage area. The electric drive that opens and closes the slabs is programmed with a special program that takes into account the rotation of the engine, the speed of opening and closing, holding open, and the functions of the lock.

Sliding corner doors

Sliding corner doors deserve special attention. The drive for these blades is equipped with a special gear that allows the drive belt to change orientation from horizontal to vertical. The sash in this case moves with a turn. In this design, the photocell will not work, since there is no single plane of movement.

Semi-circular sliding doors can have a leaf arc angle up to 180°C.

Whatever type of sliding doors you choose, they will become a worthy addition and stylish decoration of your interior. They will save the space of the room and fill it with unique comfort and sophistication. Pay only attention to the fact that such doors have insufficient sound insulation.