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Oak doors – an authentic decoration of the interior

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Our ancestors built log cabins of wells from oak wood, and the water in them was cold and clean. Oak pieces of furniture, such as an oak table or a mortar, were valued in the peasant economy. They made barrels, tubs from oak, bent rims, and skids. And oak piles were driven into the river. In general, the oak was not subject to time. It did not rot in the water, was not damaged by the wind or the sun, and was too harsh for insects.

Oak Interior Doors New Jersey
Oak Interior Doors New Jersey

Historical information has come down to us about the value of the tree. 

On average, oak lives up to 1000 years. The diameter of its trunk can reach and exceed 2 meters. And the older the tree, the higher the quality of its wood is valued.

The core of the oak has a dark brown or yellowish-brown color, bends well, has a beautiful and large texture, lends itself well to large carving, and is easily painted and stained to black. When processing, a sharp and hard tool, and careful work are required.

For joinery manufacture, an oak-aged 150-200 years is required. It is used in the production of parquet, furniture, sliced veneer for finishing any products, mechanical engineering, and the manufacture of barrels for wine and beer.

Oak doors in New Jersey

Doors made of oak are distinguished by their unique characteristics and magnificent appearance. They are extremely and durable in operation for many years.

                Preparation of raw materials is the key to the quality of oak doors. Also, an important role is played by gluing solid wood (glue quality, temperature, and pressure). The oak door to acquiring a magnificent appearance is impregnated with unique solutions and primed after assembly. After that, several layers of stain and transparent varnish are applied to the surface – this emphasizes the natural beauty and structure of the wood material and excludes the penetration of moisture into the door slab and the reverse process, which can cause the wood to dry out.

Oak doors are made in various modifications – deaf paneled or with decoration in the form of tinted glass and stained-glass windows. Artistic woodcarving and decorative baguettes are used. All this emphasizes the expressive nature of wood.

Oak door with stained glass

Oak doors become a proper decoration of any interior and bring the energy of natural wood into it. Such products serve a very long time, and they can be restored if necessary. It is enough to arm yourself with a small piece of skin, varnish, or paint of the desired shade, which covers the slabs. When buying an unpainted or unlacquered door, it is imperative to save some of the varnish and coloring applied to it. And when buying finished oak products, you need to stock up on a small amount of varnish or paint of the same shade and composition as the purchased doors.

Real oak doors are exclusive products, but the model’s design has a traditional structure: slabs, panels, trim, baguette, etc. Together, a work of art is obtained.

                The door frame is an essential element of the block. He is assigned the role of fixing and holding the slab, overcoming the climatic influences of humidity and temperature. Modern boxes come in both rectangular modifications and in the form of an arch, which gives a remarkable expressiveness to the design.

 Oak doors care

Oak doors require special care. To serve for a long time, it is necessary to cover them with special moisture-resistant polyurethane varnishes. It is essential to maintain comfortable conditions in compliance with temperature and humidity conditions using a ventilation system and air conditioning devices. If the microclimate in the house is too dry, it is advisable to use air humidifiers. And then the oak doors will last for many years without deformation, delighting the owners with their magnificence.