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Front Exterior Prehung Steel Door / Cynex 6777 Black / Stainless Inserts Single Modern Painted




Your front door is your best defender. It protects you, your family, and your most valuable personal belongings from theft and damage.
Furthermore, VDom Doors insulate your home from extreme weather conditions, as well as unwanted animals, insects, and dust from entering.

This technology makes it possible to protect the front door from condensation and ice formation.

A thermal break is a layer of material with low thermal conductivity. For the correct operation of the door, it must be located between the outer and inner sides of the leaf and the frame, thereby excluding the contact of the metal parts with each other.

This technology prevents the door from freezing, preserving its properties and impeccable appearance for many years.

The two-tone painting ofthe door leaf and the frame makes it possible to select colours separately for interior and exterior decoration, which gives the door a complete look and makes it possible to create a harmonious image in the interior and exterior.

All models of this collection are made with a frame made of aluminum. The external framework and internal power framework of the frame do not touch in any way, because they are interconnected by a polyamide insert (thermal break) 18 mm thick, which guarantees maximum thermal insulation performance.

The door leaf ofthis series is made of two sheets of metal 1 mm thick. A reliable two-layer design with a thermal insulation layer and expanded polystyrene ?lling guarantees reliability. durability, and the best indicators of heat and noise insulation of the door.

Model – 6777 Cynex
Color – Black
Door thickness – 3 1/4″
Frame thickness – 4″
Metal frame 4″ thick – dimensions of the door with frame is 38″ x 82″.
Metal threshold.
Plate-type, primary lock Securemme 2061 for armoured type of steel doors, locked by 3 key turns

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