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GRAZIA W9 Interior Door

Model: Grazia W9
Color: Grafit
Finish: Boonlayer (3D texture-Germany)
Glass: Black Triplex
Sizes: 24”, 28”, 30”, 32”, 36
Height: 80”
Door Thickness 1-1/2”
Price includes door slab, adjustable frame, and moldings (trim)

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Design and materials

Door slab GRAZIA is performed in a modern style and has a convenient minimalistic design. The interior door is processed with a special textured 3D film that has pattern of natural wood. Decorative glass inserts facilitate the design and add luxury look to your room. Glazed slabs with strict geometry is a ready-made solution for modern interiors in minimalism or high-tech style. Such a door will also look good in Scandinavian-style rooms, where light shades and natural wood objects prevail.


– A special 3D finish with a protective varnish layer protects the doors from fading and adverse external influences.

– The decorative coating is resistant to the active ingredients of synthetic detergents.

– The door in GRAFIT color matches perfectly any interior.

– Light weight of the door slab provides comfortable operation and durability of the door construction.

– The product with a guaranteed service life of is practical and easy to clean.

Door Type:

Door is a ready-made solution for residential premises. Doors are suitable for most of room types: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, including office premises.

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