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Sliding doors – the best solution for small apartments

Sliding Doors Brooklyn

There are several types of doors: sliding doors, bifold-style designs, and ordinary swing doors. The last option is the most popular conventional swing doors, which open and close both by moving the hand forward and towards itself

This type causes the most significant number of problems in terms of saving space in small apartments. A good option for such apartments is a bifold door. Its design, of course, is somewhat more complicated than swing doors. It consists of two parts interconnected by unique mechanisms that allow such a door to fold, significantly saving space when opening and closing it. Products of this type are used in public transport.

Sliding Doors Brooklyn
Sliding Doors Brooklyn

And finally, the best option for apartments with small hallways and to minimize the inconvenience of open doors in small rooms is sliding doors. With the correct location of such a design, it is practically not noticeable in the open state, and made of beautiful material will become an original room decoration.

Structurally, a sliding door, of course, is more complicated than usual and consists of several parts:

Door frame.
Door slab.
Construction for door movement (wheels, rails, stoppers etc.).


This part of the door structure must be very reliable in operation since it is on it that the main load falls. Therefore, the better the material of the tree from which the box is made, the better. It is also essential to secure the details of the door frame well into the wall opening, usually with special fasteners and glue. This also includes decorative strips (platbands).

There are sliding doors with two or more slabs controlled by electric drives. But such doors are used mainly in large premises of shops or stations and are not suitable for apartments. For tiny apartments, it is also essential to consider the width and height of the doorway itself (an arched opening, for example, is not good).

Compartment doors are made from various materials – less expensive fiberboard, chipboard, and elite woods. It depends on the overall interior, the taste of the customer, and his financial capabilities.

If we consider the prices for doors, starting from the lowest and then ascending, then the picture will be as follows:

the most inexpensive option would be a compartment door made of fiberboard, veneered with wood;
a canvas made of solid wood of valuable species is a better and more expensive door model;
a door consisting of two or more types of wood with decorative glass inserts is original, stylish, and, of course, more expensive;
a modern model of compartment doors, made entirely of tempered glass with an aluminum frame, is at the top of this price chain.

Sliding Doors New Jersey
Sliding Doors New Jersey


A design feature of sliding doors is the mechanism by which the movement of the leaf is carried out. The mechanism consists of special rails, the so-called guides, along which it moves with the help of rollers attached to the door leaf. Unique stoppers and limiters are used to fix the door in the open or closed position, mounted to the floor and to the wall from above. Guides, as an element that carries the main load, must be selected from a high-quality profile to avoid problems with their replacement in the future. If the door leaf is relatively light, you can take a design with two rollers. It is better to mount a massive leaf with four rollers – it will be more reliable.


Since the sliding door model provides for the complete withdrawal of the door leaf either directly into the wall (cassette version) or behind the wall, then all fittings, such as handles, locks, and decor, should not protrude above the surface of the leaf so as not to stop its movement. When the sash is positioned behind a wall or in a wall, it is complicated to pull it out, and there is a little trick here. A unique device in the form of a hollow cylinder is mounted in the end part of the door, and then you have to hook this part with your finger and open the door.

Despite the convenience of using a sliding door, with all its advantages, there are several not very pleasant moments. For example, such a design does not provide complete sound insulation, and odors can also be transmitted due to a loose fit of the door. The installation and the design’s complexity affect the price: compartment doors are quite an expensive pleasure. However, there are some ways to reduce the cost, such as buying a standard sliding door from a store rather than making it to order. You can also choose an option with cheaper web material.