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10 Tips For Choosing Interior Doors

10 Tips For Choosing Interior Doors

10 Tips For Choosing
Interior Doors

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Choice of interior doors

Perhaps, when creating an interior style, we often pay attention to the choice of interior doors only as a last resort. Everything is quite simple: interior design is developed level-by-level (walls, floor, ceiling, etc.) but very often the door-ways are ignored. However, it is one of the most important elements of interior design.

So, let’s consider the main tips when choosing interior doors that will help you to figure out which option is better.

let's consider the main tips when choosing interior doors that will help you to figure out which option is better.

  1. Do not neglect the research of door construction. There are several types of it: classic, bi-fold, sliding, folding. Before choosing the design, carefully study each of them. For example, folding doors are most often made of thin wood or plastic. They are not able to provide reliable sealing, therefore it would be a mistake to use such a door in a residential apartment.
  2. Pay special attention to the material of the interior door. The modern market offers many excellent options, according to the type of material, interior doors are divided into wood, plastic and aluminum. Also, choosing the door construction, each type of material should be researched and a choice should be made taking into account all factors. Such as the functional areas of the room (for example, due to temperature differences in bathrooms, wooden doors can lose quality or change in size). If you are replacing a door in a bedroom, then you have to choose a door with good soundproofing quality (for children, you should choose separate designs that are more reliable in use).
  3. Often, the price of a product can skyrocket depending on the method of decorative finishing. So if you are thinking about the problem of how to choose the right interior doors at an affordable cost, then take this point carefully. Doors have several variations according to the decor method: veneered with veneer sheet, laminated and painted. Each of them (while having its separate characteristics) is able to decorate your home. When choosing interior doors, we advise you not to save money. A quality door can serve you for many years.
  4. Pay attention to the condition of the door surface. Check the door by touch. Especially, check the varnish used for painting as it provides the strength and protection of the doors. It is quite easy to check whether a high-quality varnish was used in the manufacture of the door – just press your fingernail on the door. Remember, a quality finish will not leave a touch mark, unlike cheap coatings.
  5. Pay attention to the paint and color of the door. Remember, the color of a good door should be uniform, clean and deep, free from specks and spots.
  6. It is important to note the absence of unnecessary gaps and overlaps at the junction of the baguette, gratings and frames.
  7. Remember that a quality door should be perfectly flat.
  8. Leading manufacturers never use a cheap glass in producing interior doors. So if you see a strong discrepancy in the quality of the parts with which the door is made, pay special attention to this dissonance and, if possible, discard it. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for the product for the passport or certificate. Doors do not need mandatory certification, but large companies that produce quality products most often certify their product. So you can be sure that the quality of the product is satisfactory.
  9. One of the common mistakes is the selection of doors that do not fit the opening dimensions. If you choose doors yourself, without the help of professionals, then be sure to take care of this.
  10. Door opening side. Regular hinges allow doors to be opened only to the left or right side. This nuance must also be taken into account when choosing a door in accordance with the layout of your apartment and room.