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Fashionable Interior Doors in 2023: Embracing Trends and Style

Modern Doors 2023

The production of interior doors has become an increasingly popular business, with factories constantly striving to meet the demands of buyers by offering competitive products. So why not welcome the new season by stepping through a new door – quite literally? In this article, we will explore the upcoming trends and fashion styles of modern interior doors in 2023, giving you a glimpse into what manufacturers’ catalogs already showcase.

Current Models

While it is essential to choose a door model that complements the overall interior and layout of the room, there are instances where different options may be suitable. Based on customer reviews and current trends, the following interior door models will be in fashion both now and in 2023:

Sliding compartments: Perfect for saving space.

Sliding “accordion” doors: Also a space-saving option.

Hidden “pencil case” doors: Preferred over barn suspensions due to their space-saving nature and the possibility of integrating a false wall.

Door without platbands: Similar to hidden doors, but painted or pasted and not necessarily matching the color of the walls.

Interior Door 2023

Trendy Interior Doors in 2023

Invisibility and functionality are the primary concepts driving the fashion trends of interior doors in 2023. However, traditional swing doors will continue to hold their ground. So, what makes them fashionable? Let’s delve further.

Timeless Materials

When it comes to materials, buyers often fall into two extremes. Some opt for any visually appealing plywood, prioritizing affordability. Others insist on solid wood, disregarding any alternatives, even if the wood’s texture is concealed beneath a layer of paint. Our recommendation is to choose materials based on room characteristics and design. Modern panel finishing techniques, whether it involves natural wood veneers or pine frames with cardboard fillers, can make any material attractive.

For 2023, we suggest considering interior doors made of eco-veneer with an MDF base. Both materials are derived from wood waste, utilizing non-toxic compounds, dyes, resins, and polymers. The end result is a product that resembles solid wood but comes at a more affordable price. These doors can be painted, pasted, or purchased as ready-made models, showcasing versatility and eco-friendliness.

When purchasing entrance or interior doors, selecting the right lock is as crucial as choosing the door itself. After all, what good is an expensive iron or solid wood door if it can be effortlessly unlocked with a hairpin? While modern manufacturers offer various locking systems, they essentially boil down to two classic types: lever locks and cylinder locks. Which one is better? Let’s find out.

Trendy Door Covers

It is time to bid farewell to the trend of natural wood patterns, whether they are achieved through printing, painting, or genuine wood veneers. This departure started with cheap PVC coatings and is now extending to modern interior doors, irrespective of the apartment’s interior design. In 2023, austerity, simplicity, and cleanliness dominate the scene. Just six months ago, laminated panels were the go-to choice—easy to clean, decent-looking, and budget-friendly. But now, painting takes the spotlight.

Painted interior doors will be on-trend in 2023, especially if they are coated with high-quality compositions. While they may come at a slightly higher price, it ensures the paint won’t chip, streak, or form bubbles within a month. Additionally, the cost also depends on the door’s base material, with painted solid wood doors being more expensive compared to MDF, even when factoring in the preparation for painting.

Are painted products pricier? It’s possible, especially if they are coated with high-quality compounds that won’t peel, streak, or bubble within a month. Additionally, the cost can also be influenced by the base material. A painted solid wood door, even with the necessary preparation, will be significantly more expensive than an MDF door.

Should I prioritize the “main color of the year”? Our answer: No, unless you’re willing to deal with repainting. Keep in mind that the Pantone Institute only designates the “main” color for the following year in December. Instead, focus on the interior details and leave the door alone. However, if you want to stay trendy, consider additional design options:

Painting: This can be a laborious process that involves not only creating a design but also preparing the slabs.

Stickers and decals: An easy and inexpensive temporary solution that even a child can handle. The advantage is that you can easily remove them and revert to the original look.

Backlighting: While technically complex and not very practical, it adds a high-tech touch. Colored LED strips can be placed around the door frame, or a lamp with colored diodes can be installed above the door frame itself.

In 2023, the trend calls for simplicity, austerity, and cleanliness in interior doors.

When choosing doors for your apartment, various factors such as appearance, fittings, environmental friendliness, and durability come into play. One popular material for door panels is finely dispersed fraction pressed from sawdust, combined with resins and polymers. It is then covered with films, veneer, or plastic coatings. Therefore, the question of which doors are better – PVC or MDF – is incorrect as one is the base material and the other is the coating. Let’s delve into this topic in more detail.

Modern Door DSesign 2023

Fashion Design

Given the trend of simplicity and straightforwardness, here are some door finishing options that will remain timeless:

Smooth panels: A versatile and reliable choice, albeit a bit plain.

Split panels: Often arranged horizontally or vertically.

Geometric combinations of materials: For example, alternating plain-colored panels with wood textures.

Glass: Mostly frosted, adding a touch of elegance.

Fashionable interior doors in 2023 will be practical and somewhat minimalist. Avoid trends such as stained-glass windows, floral ornaments, glazing bead, and panels. Of course, if your interior requires them, feel free to incorporate them, but be aware that they are no longer considered “in fashion.”

In line with the current trends, modern interior doors in 2023 will prioritize practicality and minimalism. The color palette will consist of soft and non-contrasting shades, and the door designs will feature straight lines rather than intricate curves or stained-glass windows. Explore the latest offerings from manufacturers and choose the most suitable option for your interior from the showrooms of interior door providers. You can also find the upcoming relevant range for the next season on their platforms.