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Hi-Tech Interior Doors

Interior doors are a kind of room separation, which divide the space into functional zones. But in addition to performing this function, they also serve as an important decorative element. That is why the slabs must be selected based on the general style of the interior, so as not to disturb the harmony.

hi-tech interior doors

Today, high-tech style is very popular among designers and consumers. They decorate apartments, offices, non-residential public spaces, cafes, etc. The main materials used in this area are glass, plastic and metal. The style combines in itself the elements of constructivism and cubism.

Features of high-tech doors

High-tech is an offshoot of futurism and late modernism. Basically, this word means “high technology”. This style is the epitome of ergonomics and functionality. Interior items made according to its canons do not contain unnecessary decorative elements, they look strict and restrained. At the same time, the simplicity of geometric shapes is not at all repulsive, but on the contrary, attracts the eye.

High- tech doors have a number of distinctive features, which include:

• Restraint and simplicity.

• Glass and metal inserts.

• Sharp geometric lines.

• Functionality and ergonomics.

• The use of cold and dull colors and shades in decoration.

High-tech wooden interior doors must necessarily have a graphic form. Another main condition is the absence of carvings, unnecessary details and decorations that distract attention. The slabs are equipped with functional fittings, which can be either glossy or matte. Cold colors are welcome – nickel, chrome, silver. Most often, products are made in silver-gray tones in order to emphasize the main principles of style.

Another popular trend for hi-tech interior doors is the use of high-gloss acrylic finishes. Such products look as stylish and unusual as possible. In addition, gloss visually adds more space and light to the room.

The range of hi-tech doors in the “Doors & More” online store.

Our online store offers customers high-tech interior doors directly from the manufacturer. Products are made of high quality and durable materials, such as laminate, MDF, solid wood, PVC, etc. The slabs are decorated with glass inserts and equipped with stylish fittings.   

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