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How To Fit Interior Doors Into The General Style

fit inteior doors to the general style

High-quality interior doors prevent the penetration of noise, odors (especially important if the doors to the kitchen are chosen), and heat leakage. Hence the important characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing: tightness, sound insulation, thermal insulation. First of all, we focus on these parameters when choosing a door material.

How To Fit Interior Doors Into The General Style

Interior doors can be:

1) Made of solid wood – a universal classic. It is always prestige and high status. The type of wood is crucial here. Pine is the most readily available material. However, when buying pine doors, one must take into account that they do not tolerate temperature changes and moisture exposure well. Walnut is stronger than pine and has an excellent appearance. Alder is characterized by increased moisture resistance. Oak can be called a standard. It is strong, durable, resistant to temperature changes. Ash, beech, maple are much less common. Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood doors:     

  • Pros – environmental friendliness, durability, copes well with heat and noise insulation, attractive appearance.
  • Cons – the material is of decisive importance. The most vulnerable wood is pine.
  • Care – in order for the door to retain its visual appeal for as long as possible, it will have to be restored from time to time.
  • Handling wooden doors should be just as careful. Even oak is prone to impacts, scratches and harsh chemicals.
  • Price. Solid wood doors are traditionally expensive.

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2) Made of wooden panels – chipboard, MDF, laminated and so on. This is a more budget option. They look good and can last a long time.     

3) Paneled. A panel is a plywood or thin board inserted into a frame. It is usually made of solid timber, but possibly glued. For the manufacture of panels, different types of wood are used. Most often it is pine or birch. The indisputable advantages of such doors are durability and long service life. Cons – heavy frame and high cost due to the use of natural materials.     

2) Shield doors – the most frequently purchased because of their relatively low price. And all because inside they have a cavity filled with cardboard or MDF. Outside, such doors can be covered with veneer, laminate, PVC and so on. They are beautiful and functional.     

3) Molded – this is a monolithic canvas, most often made of wood, but other materials are also used here. They are durable, easy to clean, and allow you to apply any pattern to the surface. However, keep in mind that they can be quite heavy and difficult to install. Entrust this procedure to a specialist.     

4) Glass. In the manufacture of all of the above doors, wood is used in one way or another. But the following doors are made from glass. They can be transparent, matte, colored. Their significant plus is a wide variety of models and high light transmission capacity. Cons – Glass doors can be broken if you try hard.     

 Door opening mechanism

By the type of door opening, there can be:

  • Swing doors as the most common mechanism. 
  • Hinged door – versatile and practical. A wide variety of models are presented in our store. They can be single-slab and double-slab.
  • Sliding – especially relevant if you want to combine two rooms into one. In this case, the door leaf can retract into the wall or slide along the guides along the wall. In the latter case, additional space is required.
  • Folding (accordion doors). They also help save space in the apartment, but are only suitable for a wide doorway.

Finally, the last thing to decide when determining the opening mechanism – will the door be left or right? Most of all, this applies to swing doors. Interior doors should not collide and interfere with each other when opening.

Choosing the suitable door

          The apartment has rooms for different purposes. Doors will be different there too. It is quite obvious that glass is not suitable for a bathroom, and for a bathroom, where there is high humidity. For such premises, you must choose a model with good ventilation, heat and moisture resistance. On the other hand, these parameters can be ignored when choosing a door for the living room or bedroom. The children’s door may have increased noise insulation. For the same reason, a blind door is better suited for a bedroom or studying cabinet. Glass models let in a lot of light, so they are good for the study, as well as for the office. Sliding glass doors are a great option for combining rooms. Folding doors will also play the role of a partition when zoning a room. Wide double doors will look especially impressive in the living room.

The specialists of our store are always happy to help you in choosing the style and material of your interior doors. 

Style and color

The door executes not only a practical but also a decorative function. This is an important interior detail, which means it’s time to talk about style and color.

And we will start with the actual classics. These doors never go out of style because:

  • Perfectly proportioned.
  • Nice fittings.
  • Strict lines.
  • Noble appearance.

Doors in the classic style can be supplemented with carvings, pilasters, but they do not allow the piling up of details, each element is carefully thought out. Classic doors, as a rule, are wooden – from solid wood, panels or panels.

Baroque. The name speaks for itself. Lush palace style is not suitable for a small apartment; it needs space and appropriate surroundings. This style is characterized by:

  • Abundant carving, stucco molding, gilding. Small excesses are just appropriate here, so long as they do not look clumsy.
  • A wide range of shades – from light to dark.
  • Deliberately large massive fittings.

Baroque doors are always made of solid wood, most often oak. Such a door is a work of art and will surely attract attention.

Modern. This style has incorporated elements of baroque, classical and rococo. It is characterized by: 

  • A combination of straight and curved lines.
  • Plant motives.
  • The use of forged accessories, stucco, stained glass.

An Art Nouveau door can contain a large number of glass inserts, it always looks prestigious and expensive.

Eco style. It is rapidly gaining popularity, because it creates the illusion of communication with nature, which is so lacking in our extremely urbanized existence. It is a modern style and does not mix well with, for example, baroque or 

empire style. However, if the previous styles are intended for villas and cottages, then the eco style is an option for city apartments, including small ones. Its features:

  • Exceptionally natural materials.
  • Soft natural color palette.

The eco-style door is made either from solid wood or from wood panels, but it must be of high quality veneer. It is distinguished by deliberate modesty – no decoration and unnecessary details, the door should not be conspicuous. Clean shapes, simple lines. The asceticism of this style can be varied with glass inserts. Such a door will perfectly fit into the minimalism style.

Hi-tech is constructivism and functionality. This is an emphatically modern style, and therefore the doors should be:

  • Made from modern high-tech materials.
  • Don’t have flashy decor.
  • Complete with practical shockproof fittings.
  • Have smooth surfaces and clear lines.

Hi-tech is modern luxury. The use of expensive high-tech materials is mandatory. The color palette is very diverse. Hi-tech loves contrasts.

A few words about other styles: country or Provence will bring the warmth and coziness of a country house to a city apartment. Its characteristic features are its natural palette and natural materials. And also this style always carries the features of the area from which it originated. If your choice is the Scandinavian style, then it is simplicity and grace, lack of decor and light colors.

The doors in the apartment should be combined not only in style, but also in color. Moreover, they must be in harmony: 

  • With the floor – a harmonious classic.
  • With walls – helps to visually expand the room.
  • With furniture – in this case, the door can play the role of a bright and effective accent.

The choice of color is dictated by the style. Neutral shades are typical for classics, Scandinavian, Japanese, as well as baroque and country. Bright shades will be appropriate in high-tech, loft or modern style.  

Nuances and mistakes to be avoided

The door is a mechanism that is not limited to the slab. Accessories are of no less importance – hinges, handles, guides. These are the nuances that cannot be dispensed with. What else should be considered when choosing a door:

1) Buying a door – the final stage of repair. Purchase the door when the style and color of the apartment has been decided.     

2) Excessive diversity. – it is better to choose doors of one shade, especially if they go into the same room. The color should be in harmony with the interior.     

3) Insufficient attention to the quality of the door slab. You should not save on this if you want the door to serve for many years.     

4) Unprofessional installation. Even the most beautiful doors can lose their presentability if after a while they squint or fly off their hinges. Hanging doors is a rather difficult job available to professionals.