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How to choose an interior door – 10 tips

Interior Doors New York

When creating the interior of a home, we often start looking for an interior door last. But in vain. After all, the door is one of the key elements of the interior. So check out these tips to go to the store fully armed with the knowledge. When buying a door, check:

Interior Doors New Jersey
Interior Doors New Jersey

Design. It can be: hinged, sliding (coupe), swinging (pendulum), folding (accordion), stable. Find out if the door matches its purpose in your interior. For example, swinging (pendulum) sashes made of glass, plastic, aluminum or masonite do not provide tightness, so they are hardly suitable for housing.

Material. Common options are wood, plastic, glass, masonite, aluminum. Consider the type of room. For example, wooden doors are undesirable for wet areas, as they lose quality or change in size due to temperature changes.

Decor type. According to this criterion, the doors are divided into veneered, laminated, painted. Each variety has its own characteristics and each will decorate your home in its own way.

The condition of the surface, especially the lacquer layer, since it is the lacquer that is responsible for protecting the door from external factors, and therefore for its durability. It is easy to find out the quality of the varnish – press it with your fingernail. On a solid coating, there will be no trace of touch.

Painting and color. A first-class door has a clean, rich, uniform color, without specks or specks. Excessive overlaps and gaps at the junction of the baguette, frame and gratings. Normally, they should not be.

Evenness. You are looking for a door with a perfectly flat surface.

Product quality. A branded door cannot contain cheap elements, such as low-grade glass. If there are visible discrepancies between the declared and actual properties of the product, refuse to purchase. Doors are not subject to mandatory certification, but the presence of such a document indicates the integrity of the manufacturer.

Size. A common mistake is choosing the wrong door size. When choosing a door on your own, without consulting a specialist, worry about it. Of course, the ideal door is a door made to order, to specific dimensions; during its installation, there are no such difficulties as geometric mismatch, unequal wall thickness, mismatch between the size of the opening and the slabs.

Interior Doors New York
Interior Doors New York

Opening side. Conventional hinges allow you to open the door only outward or inward. Correlate this moment with the layout of your home. As for fittings, there are products of different colors, shapes, quality and cost on the market. And here there is only one piece of advice – do not go to extremes and plan your budget correctly so that you do not have to save on the quality of doors due to the purchase of expensive fittings. Or so that too cheap fittings do not spoil the impression of a new interior door.