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How to properly install a door stopper

Door Stopper WallMounted 1

 The stopper belongs to the extensive section of door fittings. It controls the opening angle of the door, preventing chipping and damage to the interior door slabs in hard contact with furniture or a wall. Door stoppers are presented in an abundance of modifications that differ in structure, appearance and location. According to the last criterion, products are divided into those that are installed on the floor and those that are mounted on the wall. It is easy to mount them yourself by following the instructions below.

How To Install A Door Stopper Step 1
How To Install A Door Stopper Step 1
How To Install A Door Stopper Step 2
How To Install A Door Stopper Step 2

Floor door stopper

Floor Door Stopper
Floor Door Stopper

 Hard and soft varieties work differently. When the door is opened, a soft stopper will gently deflect the slabs back. Hard stoppers, on the other hand, implies a smooth ride, since with sharp shocks on the blocker, the lower part of the sash is deformed.

Installation sequence:

  1. Insert the dowel into the hole.
  2. A stopper is placed, making sure that the pin evenly occupies the second hole.
  3. The screw is screwed into the dowel through the stopper.
  4. Once again they check and close the door.
  5. The stopper is fixed on the floor in the middle of the slabs or closer to the edge. It should not impede free passage, as it is easy to hit and injure the leg.
  6. You will need a pencil, drill, screwdriver or screwdriver. A dowel and screw are usually included with the stopper when purchased. If they are not available, you will have to buy them.
  7. Determination of the installation location. Fix the open door at a small distance from the wall without touching it with the handle. A frequently used partition in a through room is fixed close to the wall so that it does not hamper the movement of people.
  8. The location of the stopper on the floor is marked with a pencil.
  9. Drill mounting holes. Open the door, controlling the correct installation.

Advice. If the floor is covered with laminate, refrain from equipping the door with a stopper. It rigidly fastens the laminate to the floor and, with temperature and humidity changes, the coating swells or diverges at the seams.

Door Stopper WallMounted 1
Door Stopper WallMounted 1

Wall mounted door stopper

 There are two main elements in the wall mechanism:

  • a pin with a heel – fastened to the wall;
  • soft puck, shock-absorbing pushes of the door on the pin; located on the slab.

 The wall stopper is versatile as it is compatible with all types of door panels and floor materials. The main difficulty of its installation is the need for an accurate fit of the two main parts.

Mounting sequence:

  1. Indicate the location of the stopper. A pin is attached to the wall. 3 dowel holes are drilled into which self-tapping screws are screwed through the pin.
  2. The pin is connected to the second half of the stopper and the doors are opened as much as possible. The future location of the washer is marked on the slabs with a pencil.
  3. With the help of self-tapping screws, the washer is fixed to the slabs.

Advice. The service life of the stopper is determined not only by the correct operation, but also by the quality of the feedstock. The stronger the material, the more durable it is, but also more expensive.

The door stopper is a necessary and useful accessory, which is unreasonable to refuse. This small, inconspicuous item will keep your doors, hardware and walls safe. It is not difficult to choose it: get a model that is in harmony in color with other fittings, wall or floor materials.