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How To Choose Right Bathroom Doors?

the classic wooden bathroom doors

How to choose right bathroom doors ?

When furnishing a home, as a rule, interior doors are selected in such a way that they are the same design for the entire room. But it would help if you chose the right doors to the bathroom and on the premises’ features.

To begin with, given the high humidity (above 60%) and temperature in these rooms, it is necessary to install a hood for better ventilation. If this is not possible, you should leave a gap between the floor and the door slabs for room ventilation.

We believe that the hood is installed. In this case, you can use a door with a drop-down doorsill mounted at the bottom of the door slab to avoid drafts in the room. When the door is closed, the doorsill is automatically lowered. It closes the gap between the floor and the slabs. When the door is opened, the doorsill is placed in the fabric and is not visible. If the installation of doorsills is unavoidable, for example, with a difference in floor levels, we recommend installing flat wooden doorsills.

The bathroom is a room with so-called high traffic. Since the doors here are constantly being opened or closed, special attention should be paid to the quality of the door handle and mechanism when choosing them. Also, if desired, the door can be equipped with latches.

We draw your attention to the fact that any door must be installed after all finishing works. Therefore, when measuring deflection, it is necessary to consider the tile’s thickness.

Most often, the doors for the bathroom are smaller than others in the room. It is necessary to consider this fact at the design development stage. For example, if the bathroom is next to the kitchen and their doorways are different in width, it is better to install different versions of the same model (for example, with glass and without glass) to visually smooth out the difference in the width of the slabs.

Which door is better for the bathroom?

  1. Glass door

Glass doors can be called ideal for the bathroom.

Glass is better than all other materials to tolerate temperature changes, and humidity for the operation of glass does not matter. Special processing makes it 5-10 times stronger than ordinary glass. Even if damaged, this glass is safe, as it cannot be injured by its fragments. It has blunt edges. That is why such doors can be installed in small children’s rooms.

It is also an indisputable advantage that, at the moment, there are many design options for such doors on the market. It can be painted glass, covered with a film or glass with a pattern, or a mirror. Glass doors greatly facilitate the design of the room as a whole.

The only drawback is the need for additional care for them. At high temperatures and humidity, condensation forms on the door, which can settle into unsightly streaks on the door.

Bathroom Doors
Bathroom Doors
  1. Doors with a combined base (wood + MDF)

They can be divided into two types of finishings:

Doors with natural coating – veneered;
Doors with artificial layer – painted or laminated.
Thanks to the coating, such doors behave well in operation. They easily withstand fluctuations in the temperature and humidity of the room. They have good wear resistance characteristics and can be matched to any interior.

Currently, the vast majority of such doors are on the American market.

  1. Solid wood doors

Wooden doors are also suitable for bathroom. But at the same time, it is essential to ensure that the wood is appropriately harvested and well dried, thanks to which it will last a long time. The door should be covered with varnish or oil in several layers. They are easy to care for and much more straightforward to restore than others. The absolute advantage of this material is environmental friendliness and durability.

But such doors are more expensive.

the classic wooden bathroom doors
the classic wooden bathroom doors

Which door to choose for the bathroom? As you can see, choosing a bathroom door is quite tricky. This should be approached very responsibly. Several key factors that you already know should be taken into account. We recommend choosing a door manufacturer with a good reputation. In this case, the door will serve you for many years. Such products are presented at our showroom – Doors & More/