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Modern Laminated Interior Doors

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The domestic market is pleased with the number of offers of door products. Buying a reliable door is not difficult. The range exceeds all expectations. Everyone who decides to refresh the repair in the apartment or is engaged in the renovation of his dreams of creating his unique style in the design of the house. And such a “highlight” in the design solution of the dwelling can be laminated doors. In the “Doors & More” online store, laminated interior doors of European quality are widely offered. At the same time, the price of the goods can be a pleasant bonus for you in remodeling costs.

Interior Door Style NY
Interior Door Style NY

Production technology of laminated doors

The door leaf of a laminated door is a frame made of coniferous wooden bars spliced ​​together into a micro horn. The void areas are filled with corrugated cardboard pressed into honeycombs. The structure is sutured with overlays of medium or high-density fibreboard and lined with laminate. The quality of modern interior laminated doors is very high, and visually it isn’t easy to distinguish them in terms of texture and color from products made from precious natural woods.

Benefits of laminated doors:

operational practicality – the laminate is efficient and undemanding to maintain. Moisture-resistant qualities are inherent in PVC coating with high-quality vacuum seaming;
Consumer durability – does not respond to point force. This advantage applies only to high-quality models, which do not leave a dent when pressed with a piece of metal;
texture variety – imitation of wood texture on a smooth and textured surface;
a wide range of colors is an essential feature for a harmonious combination of the color of the door structure with the palette used in the interior decoration of the room;
environmental safety – it is recommended to install laminated doors in children’s, and medical institutions since the resins included in the composition do not affect the ecological friendliness of the product;
low cost – low cost of production.
The laminated coating is an excellent protection of doors from mechanical impact, cracking, and delamination of wood components of the structure under the influence of humidity and temperature. “First Door Guild” offers the best-laminated doors in Kyiv with characteristics that will win over the pickiest buyer. To figure out how to choose laminated interior doors, you should get acquainted with the technological options for the nomenclature of the protective film.

Interior Doors Brooklyn
Interior Doors Brooklyn

Types of laminated door coverings:
0.2 mm thick paper-based film, the cheapest and most problematic;
0.2 mm film on a paper base treated with melamine resin, melamine film is slightly more expensive and resembles plastic in texture;
a film with a thickness of 0.5-0.7 mm, a costly option, “two-color laminate” has improved resistance parameters and is more often used in the production of interior doors;
fiberglass film – the most expensive and high-quality laminated coating with a high cost, is used in the production of individual orders.
How to choose a door for the interior
Creating a harmonious and complete room interior is difficult since each component should visually emphasize the design idea, and interior doors are no exception. To date, manufacturing companies’ production of doors for the house is carried out in two styles: classic and modern. Giving preference to one sort of product, you need to make sure that it is combined with the design.

Discreet and elegant classic style doors

If you need to install doors in the living room, bedroom, or office with classic finishes and furniture, purchasing interior doors of the appropriate style would be reasonable. Despite the increasing spread of new, modern design elements, the traditional style does not lose its relevance. It remains the most impressive option for lovers of a strict but solid exterior design. Regular and rigorous lines, laconic design, and a chic color palette of finishing materials, such as natural veneer, are inherent in classic-style interior doors. On these models, occasionally, there are small glass inserts that do not violate the visual perception of the classics. Also, today you can buy doors in a classic style, distinguished by an artificially aged finish.

White Interior Door
White Interior Door

Spectacular and memorable modern style doors

Eternally competing with the classics, the modern interior is distinguished by a more striking design expression. Contemporary style interior doors are intended for modern minimalist interiors with a high-tech or current direction. An original finish with glass inserts of a non-standard shape or numerous, but laconic glass panels unusual for classic doors, will emphasize the design of the furnished apartment and the exceptional taste of the homeowner. Many modern-style doors can have bright glossy colors or matte with a spectacular texture, which is possible thanks to the synthetic material polyvinyl chloride, a universal solution for shaping the decoration style.

Visual differences between the relevant styles can be seen on the pages of our online store “Doors & More,” which offers interior doors at a wide range of prices.