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How To Fix Squeaky Doors

portes qui grincent

How do you get rid of interior door squeaks? Does a door creak get on your nerves? Solving this problem is easy. There are a lot of improvised means and special lubricants with which you can deal with this problem quickly and efficiently. Four simple life hacks will permanently get rid of the unpleasant squeak.

portes qui grincent
  1. Aerosol

WD spray, which is designed for a car, will serve as an excellent solution to the problem of creaking door hinges. It is enough to treat them with an aerosol agent with a special thin nozzle, which lubricates hard-to-reach car mechanisms. It is necessary to apply a little solution content at the junction of the upper and lower parts of the loop. If rust has formed on the door hinges, the miracle spray can easily cope with this task. This universal remedy consists of a white spirit solvent, other components, and additives. WD has a minor drawback – the fragility of such a solution. After a while, the creak promises to return. But if you can’t stand the heartbreaking sound anymore and have an aerosol can at hand, you need to use this solution immediately.

  1. Technical oil

Also, in the stock of any motorist, there is an automobile oil that will cope with the squeak. You need to collect a little oil in a pipette or syringe for convenience. It is advisable to use an oil with a high viscosity to make the lubrication procedure for creaking hinges as effective as possible. Excess oil can be easily removed with dry wipes or a rag.

  1. Pencil lead

There is an old proven way to get rid of a squeaky door. Our ancestors used this life hack. Eliminating the door squeak will help with a simple pencil, which contains oil and wax in the lead. To apply this method, you need to make a little effort because it will be necessary to form a space between the upper and lower parts of the curtain by raising the door. Next, pour a crumbled lead into the hole, which will serve as a lubricant. A whole lead will make the task a little easier because, having released the doors, it will crumble under the pressure of the hinges.

  1. Liquid soap or vegetable oil

As an alternative to all of the above, you can use liquid soap, vegetable oil, or petroleum jelly to serve as an excellent lubricant. The use of vegetable oil, in this case, is not the best option because, over time, dust will stick to it, which will increase the wear of parts, thereby contributing to the additional waste of money and the acquisition of new features. This important fact must be taken into account.

We hope that applying our tips and their implementation in the fight against your creaky doors will significantly simplify your life, save your nervous system, and prevent hearing an unpleasant sounds. Take note of the options you like.