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How To Choose Interior Doors 🚪 in 10 Minutes

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If it is customary to install entrance doors at the beginning of repairs, then interior doors are usually installed at the end. This is because, at the finish, it is easier to decide on a color that will look better. And also, the measurement of the door should be done after the flooring is laid.

interior doors brooklyn
interior doors brooklyn
  1. Door decoration – color and style
    The door is an essential element in the interior, and its design cannot be ignored. Some people prefer to choose a single style for all interior doors in the house. To some extent, this is justified, but it should be noted that each room has its functionality, and the doors must correspond to it. For example, a bathroom should choose a door without large glass inserts and resistant to moisture. In a room like a living room, on the contrary, a door that will let light into the corridor is more suitable.

No wonder there is a proverb that there is no people similar for the taste and color preference. Therefore, the color scheme is a matter of taste. The main thing to keep in mind is the overall style of the entire interior. For example, you can choose a color that matches the furniture in the room, but most often, for the effect of the unity of space, it is compared to the type of floor.

It is best to choose modern-style doors for rooms with an interior formed according to the latest newfangled trends. Classic-style doors can only provide a harmonious combination with a classically decorated living room or office. Separately purchasing locks, hinges, and other fittings for doors, do not forget about the visual variety.

By type of door covering can be:
• Veneered doors
• Film doors
• Painted doors
• Glass doors
• From solid wood

  1. Door size
    It is necessary to measure the door according to several indicators, fix them, and select the door according to them. It is pretty easy to do this yourself with a tape measure. The standard doorway width for an interior door is 30 inches, and the height is 80 inches.
    It is necessary to measure the height and width at three points – in the center and along the edges. This is necessary to make sure that the opening is free of defects. If there are any, you need to fix them before putting the door.
  2. Deciding on opening direction
    There are several types of door types according to the opening method:

Swing. In 9 cases out of 10 people prefer swing doors in the house. This is a traditional option that can be found in almost any building. They open in one direction, to the right or the left – it depends on the room’s layout. Particular attention should be paid when there are two doors nearby.

Sliding doors. They are also called compartment doors, one slab mounted on a unique rail. It is more reliable to choose a door mounted on a rail from above and below – this method is more durable and dependable.

Folding doors. They are scarce but original types of interior doors. As in the previous case, the movement is provided by a special one on the ceiling and wall. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the door leaf itself is folded during the campaign. Therefore, often such doors are called “accordions.”

Before ordering, it is essential to determine precisely what type of door you need and which direction they will open.

Double swing doors may be suitable for a living room or a spacious office. Consisting of two halves and one box, the product can carry both practical values and emphasize the presentability of the room’s interior. Additional design features of interior doors include models with a blank door leaf and options with glass inserts.

  1. Material and price
    The budget for the purchase is one of the central issues. It directly depends on what the product is made of. The most popular interior doors made of MDF and other wood-based panels have several advantages. At a relatively low price, the homeowner receives a lightweight product with high resistance to fire. MDF doors can be finished with natural veneer or PVC film. A unique PVC film provides increased product protection from moisture, chemicals, and other external factors. When choosing doors to the bathroom or kitchen, you should prefer moisture-resistant PVC models, and for the living room, bedroom, and study, models with natural wood trim are perfect.

The choice of interior doors must be approached responsibly because their service life, ease of use, and combination with the room’s interior will depend on this.