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Interior room dividers design: 5 trendy options

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Glass Room Dividers

During the pandemic, many have had to rethink their approach to living space. The reassessment of interior values ​​primarily affected our attitude to functionality and visual privacy. It’s simple: the more time we spend at home, the more functional areas and privacy we need. If not long ago, the leading trend was open layouts with living areas smoothly flowing into each other. Now interior dividers are back in fashion. We have collected the TOP 5 best design options.


If the living room is not only a living room but also a dining room, a kitchen, an office, and maybe even a bedroom, the walls will be missed even in a small space.

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There are doors between the interior spaces in almost any housing. The exception is designer interiors, where rooms are delimited in other ways. Let’s see the interior doors and their types according to the method of opening.

“Cutting” a room with “deaf” plasterboard dividers is often not the best option. Drywall blocks sunlight, and a space without sunlight always looks like a closet. An adequate alternative is transparent glass dividers.

Glass blocks in a black metal profile are still in vogue. They are used on a large scale, fencing off entire rooms in an open plan. Such partitions can be sliding, swinging, or stationary.

Glass screens made of pleasant to the touch corrugated glass are gaining popularity. But it is time to give up photo printing and sandblasting drawings on glass.

Any glass partition can be supplemented with textiles for privacy purposes.

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Textile Room Dividers


But textile curtains can exist in the interior, not only in tandem with glass. This is an affordable and aesthetic option, optimal for zoning in the bedroom. A textile partition can separate a sleeping place from a home mini-office or dressing area. Fine textiles are more responsible for the atmosphere. Dense fabrics will become guardians of your privacy.

Stylish solution: do not cut the fabric, but let it fall dramatically to the floor. By the way, this trend also applies to curtains.

A spectacular and non-trivial solution can be a wooden frame upholstered with thin fabric or a sliding screen reminiscent of Japanese shoji partitions made of translucent paper.

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Textile Room Dividers


Perhaps a cinematic image has entrenched your mind: a young lady is changing clothes, casually throwing items from her toilet on the screen. The screen can be a mobile partition in the bedroom and dressing room.

The screen can be responsible for visual zoning in any room and become the main character of the interior story. Choose aesthetic models: wooden lacquered with images of chinoiserie cranes, vintage textiles, sliding glass, rattan wickerwork, and openwork carvings.

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Rail space zoning was so popular in 2015-2018 that it went out of fashion for a while. At some point, there were so many slats in the interiors that they began to be considered a sign of a typical project. The trend is gone for a while. Due to their affordability, aesthetics, and versatility, slatted dividers quickly regained their fashionable status.

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The premises are becoming more and more multifunctional. There is a need to beautifully and delicately separate one zone from another without heaping extra walls. Rails do not promise privacy but cope with the decorative task with a bang.

Such dividers do not interfere with sunlight access and look spectacular in the evening when they cast a shadow.

Modern interiors strive for eclecticism and free quotation of bygone eras. Openwork carved screens are in fashion, reminiscent of Moroccan musharabi – openwork wooden lattices, which in Morocco can be seen on windows and balconies. At the same time, the precise geometry of Art Deco is again famous.

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A fashionable choice would be a macrame screen or its challenging alternative: a laser-cut metal screen.

If slatted partitions work beautifully with the rays of the evening sun, then imagine what shadows the carved screens cast!

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