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Interior Style Ideas – Entry Doors

Unique Entry DOors

Entrance doors should be multifunctional. This is not only a guarantee of the safety of your home, but also a stylish thing. It should be in harmony with your interior and even complement. Therefore, we decided to inspire you and show you what combinations of materials in door decoration will look in different styles.

Modern style

Minimalism, ethnicity, white and black, bright and pastel – that is what characterizes modern interiors. Specific, vegetation, non-standard furniture, geometry, naturalness – the list goes on and on. The entry door of an apartment can both emphasize the beauty and comfort of your home, or play on contrasts and become an independent bright element of your home.

White color – always up-to-date

An interior with a priority of light shades of colors looks great with the same light doors. Such an interior is simple and laconic. Nothing extra. However, if you choose the design of a light door with a pattern, it will immediately stand out and become a bright element of the interior.

Dark & Bright

A well-known trick is to add dark spots to the interior against the background of neutral shades of the general interior. Due to the resulting contrast, the color scheme of the interior looks advantageous and is emphasized in white. In addition, the door can be supplemented with a pattern that will be in harmony with the overall style. Or, on the contrary, choose a design in a classic style, then the contrast will be even more pronounced and noticeable. 

Specific story

It’s no secret that loft-style interiors are popular now. This style implies the decoration of the apartment to imitate the “apartment without repair”. That is why color solutions with the structure of concrete are now at the peak of supply and demand. Entrance door manufacturers do not stand still and move in step with the times. Therefore, doors with an identical design will help to complement such an interior. Isn’t it great?

Do you want to play on contrasts? You are welcome. There is a whole palette of loft-style colors. Just have time to choose.

We repeat the drawings of the interior

An interesting option looks when the distinctive features of the interior are literally repeated on the door lining. Circles, squares, monograms, stripes. Thanks to this, the interior and the front door merge into one. It looks expensive and stylish. It also suggests that you have a wonderful sense of aesthetics and love for little things can be traced in everything. Even in such small details.  


Everyone chooses an interior in harmony with their inner world. And many in the world of concrete and gray want to diversify home comfort with floral ornaments. To be closer to the nature. To do this, it is possible to choose an entrance door with similar patterns of trees, leaves. Or go the other way and choose the simplest door possible and play with textures. The combination of vegetation ornament and a neutral door looks advantageous. And they will definitely not disregard those who always like to stand out in everything. Even in the interior of your home.  


To be different is always popular. And many interior designers, having experience in many projects, choose this style for themselves. The interior completely exposes your soul. Here you can show in the details of your home what you are thinking about, what is happening in your soul. 

And now this style is more popular than ever. Finding the front door to it is as easy as shelling pears if the interior is bright and contains many details in Japanese, Chinese or leopard motifs. 

And if all the ornaments are placed directly on the wall. And the walls themselves are the center of attention. The classic door design will come in handy, which will look harmonious, but will not take away too much attention.


Timeless classics. Baguettes, monograms, carved elements or strict notes in the details. All this makes the classic style recognizable and expensive. It will always be in fashion and is an indicator of the refined taste of its owners. Such an interior requires attention to every detail and does not tolerate sloppiness. 

Classic in white plus classic in black

Noble classics in light shades go well with a dark door of the same style. Strict squares or a baguette edge of the door – the choice is yours.

Classic and modern door

Of course, sometimes you want to dilute the classics and add a touch of modernity to your interior. Do you think these styles are combined? Sure. Just choose a door with a laconic and simple modern design without kinks. Your taste and inner desires in choosing interior solutions are your faithful helpers. 

Also, a door in a modern design is installed when it is necessary to balance the interior. If there is a lot of decor with patina and gilded monograms, it’s time to look towards the simpler designs of the entrance area.

Classic with bright walls

It’s bad when there are many textures and colors in one place in a classic interior. However, this is true not only for the classics. But when your interior “screams” rather than speaks in a whisper, there is no need to overload it unnecessarily. Adjust the defiant colors of the walls and furniture with the tranquility of the entrance area. It looks noble and solid.

Classics and mirror

The mirror is the ancestore of the classic style. Large mirrors add air. And in the hallway area, they are simply necessary. Therefore, the decision to refine the door with a mirror will be beneficial and functional.

All doors in the house – in one style

Whichever style you choose, timeless classics or daring modernity, for each of them the combination of all the doors in the house is relevant. If the front door is made in the same design as all the other doors, this immediately indicates that the interior has been thought out. Creates a weightless feeling of neatness and weightless comfort in space. 

Now you can decide which option is best for you. In general, listen to your heart and it will tell you in which direction to move and build the interior design of your home.

The main rule is individuality. Playing with or without the rules is up to you. Use the most unexpected combinations and see how you feel comfortable and warm in your home.