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Laminated Doors: Affordable Price For A Good Quality

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Laminated doors – Objective analysis

Attitude towards a relatively new product on the construction market – laminated doors – today cannot be called unambiguous. Some are sure that the low cost is a sign of inadequate quality, others believe advertisers, want to save money, so they take risks and buy an inexpensive laminated door. Who is right – those who are “led” to a well-known brand, or those who trust modern technologies and are convinced of their priority?

Laminated Doors Brooklyn New York
Laminated Doors Brooklyn New York

What kind of “beast” is this – a laminated door?

Before talking about the advantages or disadvantages of the product in question, you should know what it is. From a constructive point of view. Everything is quite simple: as a rule, it is a wooden frame made of inexpensive wood and sheathed on both sides with MDF boards. The inner space is filled with honeycomb filler – a special form of cardboard. This creates an additional effect of heat and sound insulation.

Laminated Doors Manhattan
Laminated Doors Manhattan

Laminated doors got their name due to the finish coating – an artificially created laminate film. The thinnest top layer (0.2-0.8 mm) is applied by hot pressing to the door base, as a result of which a strong, smooth, even surface of the selected color scheme is obtained.

Laminate films are produced in several types, the main difference of which is in their thickness, manufacturing technology, and, consequently, cost. The cheapest option is a film made on the basis of paper, which is not distinguished by high strength, mechanical resistance and durability. Doors with such a coating are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and are practically unrepairable.

Laminated Doors Queens
Laminated Doors Queens

A film made of melamine paper is much more reliable, denser and more durable. Impregnation with a special solution based on melamine resin gives the paper resistance to sunlight, temperature extremes, high humidity, and household chemicals. This coating is quite good and durable option. Even more perfect, durable, resistant to external influences, the material is double-sided laminate. Its thickness can reach 0.8 mm.

And in conclusion about the best, reliable, resistant to any kind of impact fiberglass film. This is the most expensive type of coating, which, nevertheless, meets all quality criteria, has high strength, moisture resistance, a variety of palettes and a long service life.

What is the secret of low cost of laminated doors?

The pricing principles for any production process are identical. These are the costs of purchasing raw materials, their delivery, manufacturing, making some profit, and, of course, the payment of wages, taxes and other deductions established by law. If we omit the issues of taxation, then the main factors in determining the price will remain material costs, delivery and production. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

The design of the door slab, as mentioned above, consists of a frame and sheathing plates. For the manufacture of the base, inexpensive coniferous wood of widely available species (pine, spruce) is taken in solid or glued form. It makes absolutely no sense to use valuable expensive wood, since the impact of aggressive factors on the frame is completely excluded.

Sheathing – the same inexpensive MDF boards, consisting of pressed wood chips and a special binder. Filler – ordinary cardboard in the form of honeycombs. Total: all material resources from the category of not expensive and affordable. The type of film used, of course, affects the final cost of a laminated door, but within reasonable limits. The production technology is also quite simple and not laborious, and, therefore, does not require significant financial investments. Therefore, when summing up all the components, the low affordable price of a laminated door looks quite logical.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminated doors

Many consumers, when making a purchase, put the price indicator in the first place, while they are ready to put up with some disadvantages: the wrong shade of color or the wrong model, and often buyers simply save money. The option with the purchase of an interior laminated door is no exception. Yes, the low price is one of the main advantages of the product in question, but far from the only one.

In addition to the cost factor, the advantages of the product can be confidently attributed to:

  • high resistance to abrasion loads and mechanical damage; such a coating is not afraid of pets or accidental force effects;
  • excellent moisture resistance, which indicates the high protective properties of the film, its ability to prevent deformation and change in the shape of the door seal;
  • laminated door – an excellent option for installation in rooms with high humidity;
  • resistance to almost any household chemicals, which indicates ease of operation and maintenance;
  • the possibility of one hundred percent hit in the specified shade of color;
  • due to the artificial origin of the material during its manufacture, the coding of the number