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In the loft style, details are of great importance, because of this, a lot of attention is paid to interior design. And you can’t do without suitable interior doors. Therefore, the choice is performed with special care and takes into account the material of production, finishing, the presence of decorative elements. It is about the intricacies of the selection of such models that we will tell in this article.


  1. Characteristics of the Loft style
  2. Loft style door materials
  3. Finishing for slabs
  4. Preferred colors for slabs
  5. Loft style door decor
  6. How to choose the right one

General characteristics of the Loft style

The trend emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States, when people from the outskirts began to move to the central cities of the states. Since there was not enough housing for everyone, hangars, abandoned workshops of factories and other industrial premises of a large area and with high ceilings began to be used for these purposes. They were little furnished, only the necessary items were purchased, and were rarely decorated in any way.

Gradually, such an environment began to seduce not only workers, but also people of art, and the style became popular, acquired characteristic features.

Here are some of these features:

  • Minimalism in all elements – nothing superfluous and unnecessary.
  • Functionality – technology, objects. Only what useful units are placed.
  • Materials – wood, glass, metal, less often plastic.
  • Specific shades – a cold palette that includes white, black, gray, silver, dark blue. Contrasts and decor, on the other hand, can be striking. But door leaves are considered part of the decor, so basic colors are suitable for them.
  • Aged or old things, pieces of furniture are well suited.

Loft style door materials

For apartments with this design, door slabs are made of:

  • Wood. Solid wood or pine frame, sheathed with MDF panels. The array looks attractive, is designed for a long service, and has a pleasant texture. In this case, the models can be restored and updated. Products are not afraid of shocks, damage, they endure temperature surges. With proper processing, they are installed in various rooms. Designed for a service life of at least 10 years.
  • Metal. An unusual option for interior doors, but some parts of the structures can also be metal. For example, a box, an edge, platbands. They look original and attractive, especially if the house uses a lot of steel or brass decor. As part of the product, they are used to protect against moisture, shock, and premature delamination of the lining.
  • Glass. Suitable solution for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and offices. It is better not to put such doors in bedrooms – excess light from the corridors can interfere with good rest. Preference is given to fully glazed slabs or large inserts. For their production, glass with a dense protective film or tempered glass is used. It can be matte or tinted.

Cover type for slabs

  • PVC film. Artificial material that can withstand high humidity and temperature changes. Does not flake off, does not crumble, does not fade in the sun. Differs in a variety of textures and shades imitating natural wood.
  • Eco-veneer. Solid wood cladding, which is made from crushed shavings and pressed at high temperatures. In this case, a textured surface of a natural shade is formed. It is pleasant to the touch, unpretentious in maintenance and does not fade in the sun.
  • Veneer. Completely natural material – a thin cut from the solid wood. It stands out for a variety of patterns, accurately convey the color of natural wood. Therefore, veneered slabs are not exactly the same. The decoration is whimsical in maintenance, so it is not suitable for wet rooms.
  • Enamel. An excellent solution for loft-style interiors. Such a coating is resistant to many types of influences – shock, temperature drops, excess moisture. At the same time, it differs in a variety of shades. Iit forms a flat, smooth surface on the door – matt or glossy.

Preferred slab colors

The most common solutions:

Brown. With its help, accents are made, complement the decor.

Red. An original option if the door slab serves as a decorative item for the room.

Grey. The standard solution is discreet but practical, able to fit into almost any setting. This also includes models with veneer in the “concrete” shade.

Black. Contrasting doors that add austerity and gloom to the interior. The rooms become clearer and more expressive.

Green. This color is not suitable for every setting, since it serves as a separate element of decor and attract a lot of attention.

Loft style door decor

Most often, completely smooth slabs are used, which fit perfectly into the vast majority of environments. But in some cases, they can act as a decoration and decorative element. Several design options are allowed:

  • Artificial aging. Since old structures can rarely please with strength and durability, preference is given to artificially aged products.
  • Glass inserts. Preferably large and geometrically correct. No jagged edges, stained glass.
  • Boards. The door can be either completely made of them or decorated with separate volumetric strips. They look somewhat sloppy, so they should be selected carefully.
Loft Style Interior Doors Brooklyn, New York

How to choose the right one

When choosing or searching for a suitable design, attention is paid to several factors:

  1. The environment, since the slabs should overlap with it.
  2. Remember minimalism – less detail is better than excess.
  3. Geometric shapes, clear patterns and lines.
  4. Uniformity of the coating of the entire product – painting or veneering in two or three shades is not allowed.
  5. Neat inserts made of tempered or durable glass, preferably matte or tinted, which does not let in excess light.
  6. Such doors provide several opening options – swing, rotary, compartment, can be built-in and folding.

The loft style requires care when choosing door slabs, since not all models will fit into an industrial setting. They should be made of wood, MDF, metal or glass. Veneer, eco-veneer and PVC foil, imitating the color and texture of a natural solid wood, are suitable for their facing. It is possible to paint with glossy or matte enamel in one of the colors – white, black, gray, red or brown. For decorative design, inserts or boards are used, artificially aged products look good. Also, before buying, you should pay attention to the place of future use and the existing environment.