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Wenge Interior Doors – color of luxury

Wenge Doors

Wenge interior doors are a wealth of dark colors that remind us of distant and unusual colonial style. The color of wenge has recently become especially popular, when the interest of many interior designers turned towards new exotic wood species, in addition to the usual red or black. Such doors will look original and rich in the interior, and give the owner some freedom in creating the style of the room.  

Wenge-style interior doors can be part of an ethno style that sends us straight to the sultry coast of Africa, or become a harmonious design for a classic or fusion style that can amaze with its luxury. In any case, dark wenge is an irreplaceable color if you need to create the basis for an interior that will indicate that the owner values ​​solidity, restraint and aristocracy.

Wenge Color Interior Doors

It should be mentioned that not all dark interior doors from the manufacturer are wenge. A solid dark chocolate tone can belong to different shades, but wenge doors have a special, “striped” structure, in which different shades of brown, black-purple and sand tones merge into a noble color.

Wenge doors are quite expensive. They can be found in luxurious interiors of connoisseurs of beauty, harmoniously sustained to the smallest detail. At the same time, such doors are surprisingly durable – Wenge is able to withstand bending and shock loads many times. They are also resistible to fungi and insects. Moreover, their appearance is simply out of competition.

However, do not think that economy class doors cannot look as attractive as doors made of real wenge. The interior door market offers a variety of possible plastic and wood finishes to choose from, which very successfully recreate this noble color of coffee and chocolate.

Inexpensive interior doors under wenge can be purchased, as a rule, of three types:

  • Veneered doors;
  • Eco-veneer interior doors;
  • Laminated doors.
Wenge Interior Doors

Interior veneered doors and eco-veneer doors are an excellent option if the owner prefers purely wooden doors of an medium price category, but is not yet ready to purchase products from valuable species. The color and appearance of wenge wood is recreated on less valuable wood, but modern processing technologies make it possible to obtain a full-fledged analogue of this luxury “breed”. Facing doors under wenge will allow you to create an exquisite interior in restrained and rich colors.

For those who intend to purchase cheap interior doors, there is also a suitable option – laminated doors. PVC film can be of any color and texture, and doors made with laminate have a wonderful appearance, and the interior, in which wenge becomes a noble base, will not lose its aristocracy.

With regard to laminated doors, one more advantage can be said: they are very durable and quite unpretentious. Therefore, if you are planning to choose a wenge color for all rooms, then you should not refuse a laminated bathroom and toilet door in wenge color.

Doors & More specialists would also like to give some tips on what you can harmoniously combine wenge interior doors with. This will be very useful for owners of premises who plan to completely or partially change the color scheme of the premises, add more texture to natural wood.

First, you need to remember that the walls of rooms where there is a large percentage of this color must be light. Then the atmosphere of the room will not be tense, gloomy and dark. If the color of the walls is not uniform, then you may consider glass and glazed interior doors. In this case, the penetrating rays of the sun will give more light for the room.

Secondly, the most harmonious option would be to create a single ensemble in wenge color from doors, addons and parquet or laminate. This will solve the question of the main color for your favorite room. By the way, psychologists say that a darker color of flooring creates a mood of comfort and security for a person. And the original wenge structure will also add style.

Wenge has a cool tone, even with warm blotches of milk chocolate and coffee in its striped texture. Therefore, the warm tones of other types of wood will create disharmony. Golden shades of Milanese walnut, larch cannot “get along” next to wenge, but bleached oak can quite create a harmonious union with wenge, however, only if it is used in small quantities.

If we talk about color combinations with furniture and walls, then it is quite possible to turn your attention to restrained light pearl, grassy greenish, cold blue and pink tones. Furniture and accessories of these colors in combination with wenge will create an interior that will breathe aristocracy and tranquility, even some asceticism.

Also, you do not need to overdo it with the texture of other surfaces if wenge is basic, for example, all interior doors and the floor are made in this color. The fact is that it itself is quite textured, and unnecessary large and diverse patterns can destroy all the charm of the exotic.

If you want a more eccentric interior, you can use rich green or malachite, purple, lilac and violet tones in combination with interior doors and wenge flooring. This will add brightness to the room and express the owner’s original taste.

For the correct choice of an interior door for any interior option, it will be convenient to contact our online store, get acquainted with the photo, consult, and, finally, decide which one is the best specifically for your apartment.

At the same time, it does not matter whether the interior doors and parquet are made of real wenge or whether it will be a beautiful and durable laminated door in this color, they will perfectly complement any interior, which will become the choice of a person who is characterized by aristocracy and good taste.