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Pocket Doors To Save Your Room Space

Pocket Doors New York

Sliding pocket doors – allow you to free the opening area of ​​the traditional hinged model. Thus, it saves several inches of usable area. During the operation of interior sliding doors and hardware, a number of additional advantages were discovered. Today it is a convenient and fashionable interior element with a wide range of use.

Pocket Doors New Jersey
Pocket Doors New Jersey

Sliding glass & wooden doors have a common design feature: they do not swing open. But move along specially installed guide rails. Rails are laid along or inside the wall, and the movement is carried out using rollers. Sliding interior doors are ideal for rooms where the decisive factor is space saving, and with non-standard sizes they can be made to a custom order.

As a sliding door with a top suspension system – is a very popular option today among NY and NJ homeowners!

Installing is carried out on the upper guide (roller suspension). Sliding doors can be installed in a room without mounting structures on the floor: movement is carried out only along the upper rail.

At the request of the customer, the basic set of fittings (handles, a set of guides, a limiter) is supplemented with a synchronizer and a closer.

Any slabs from our range can be used dor the manufacturing of the interior sliding doors.

Pocket Doors New York
Pocket Doors New York

Sliding doors differ in the type of opening and the number of slabs.

ON THE WALL – the most common option, suitable for almost any opening, the main limitation is the availability of space for sliding the door, which should be no less than the width of the door slab.

BETWEEN WALLS – suitable only for large openings, does not allow the doorway to be fully opened.

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