Sliding interior glass doors. Overview and Tips

Sliding Door With Glass Inserts New Jersey

You can use sliding glass doors that look modern and attractive to decorate the entrance to the room. As the main structural element, glass material is used here, which moves along special rollers installed in guides. In this case, one of the wings remains in a static position near the wall. Due to this approach, space savings are achieved in conditions of a lack of free space.

In this article, we will introduce you to sliding-type glass interior doors that will help you effectively use the limited space. We have collected complete information about glass production and everything about its safety parameters.

In addition, you will learn certain nuances about the design of sliding glass doors, as well as the types and characteristics of fasteners.

General information about glass sliding interior doors

Glass material – Properties
In the production of sliding glass doors, a special type of glass is used, the standard one cannot be used in this case. The main characteristics of such a material are indicators of strength and reliability. You can even choose individual varieties that are resistant to damage from firearms or fire resistant.

In addition, for the manufacture of an interior sliding door, you can choose the design characteristics of the material – mirror, transparent or matte. Door options with and without thresholds are also available.

Important Information: Most glass sliding doors are custom-made to customer specifications. But you can also find ready-made kits with standard sizes.

If the option with frosted glazing is chosen, then this will perfectly complement the existing design of the room. Due to the increased functionality, such a door can be installed in rooms of any purpose. Scope of application – division into functional areas, access to loggias and balconies.

For the manufacture of the sliding door, a single sheet of glass is used, which allows you to create a feeling of solidity due to the rejection of inserts. The raw material is tempered glass with a thickness of 1/3 – 1/2 inches.

For separation between rooms, products are used where the slabs move along a guide fixed to the ceiling (there is no lower guide).

Interior sliding door glass types

  • Completely transparent;
  • With a matte finish;
  • Design execution, built on a combination of matte black and bronze colors.

Advantages of interior glass doors

  • Glass is highly resistant to damage, retaining its structure even with strong impacts;
  • If, nevertheless, the glass managed to be damaged, then it breaks up into large pieces (but in most cases it simply cracks in the inner layer);
  • Can be made to customer’s specifications;
  • Low cost (at the level of solid wood doors);
  • Production time is minimal, so the order will be quickly executed.
Glass Interior Doors
Glass Interior Doors

Which material is used for glass sliding doors

In order for the sliding door to move freely, a specialized design is used, which consists of upper guides along which special rollers move. At the bottom, only rolling stops are used.

The rollers are installed on the wooden sheet itself, and a suitable place on the wall or ceiling is selected for mounting the guide. In this case, mechanisms can be classified into groups:

– Open type, when the entire internal device is in sight;
– Closed type, when the inside of the mechanism is closed with decorative panels.
It should be noted that many choose this type of door due to the fact that they are easy to operate. Most manufacturers use special aluminum alloy designs that are additionally protected with oxide paint. Due to the use of a single glass sheet, the design of the room acquires airiness and lightness.

Sliding Door With Glass Inserts New Jersey
Sliding Door With Glass Inserts New Jersey

There are a large number of design variations of glass that will fit a specific design style. It is also necessary to add protection from water and unpretentiousness to operating conditions;
Structurally, only folding or sliding-type doors can be made, but many options are available;
It is possible to order glass sliding doors for the balcony, for which a special cold-resistant mechanism is used, as well as weather-resistant fittings;
If you plan to install such doors in the kitchen area, then one or two doors would be a good option;
A profitable solution for zoning can be a patio or sliders, which are perfect for separating functional areas in an apartment (for example, working and sleeping areas);
If you plan to decorate the terrace, then a good option is a glass door with a lifting mechanism.

Rules for choosing interior glass sliding doors

In order to choose interior glass doors on rollers that will last a really long time, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors.

It is necessary to determine the purpose of the structure and the place of its installation before ordering. It will also be useful to evaluate the free space and the level of lighting in future areas.

The basic principle is that the door should be installed in such a way that the zoning is harmonious, without obstructing the natural light flow. It is important to choose the right balance between design and compliance with the overall style of the room. For example, for a Provence-style room, a glass door is not suitable.

Note! If cold winters occur in your area, then insulation should be provided for external glass doors. Then the glass structure will become an additional obstacle to cold air.

In specialized stores, you can find a large number of sliding glass doors from US and foreign manufacturers. The maximum quality is usually attributed to products of Italian production. In addition to all other advantages, such doors are also distinguished by an increased level of strength and reliability.

Sliding Glass Doors NYC
Sliding Glass Doors NYC


The first production of glass interior doors was launched by Italian factories, respectively, today it has already been worked out to perfection. These doors are not cheap. For domestic producers, the price bar is significantly lower

One of the most significant negative points is the high cost of sliding glass structures. In addition, the glass, despite everything, is quite fragile, which determines the need for careful operation. At the same time, the useful life will be much higher than in the case of wood and metal.

It is also necessary to note the safety indicators for glass sliding doors – they are completely safe, if used correctly. If the installation technology is not violated, then the service life will also be long.