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Black interior doors are a great design solution for brave people. The use of slabs of this color can emphasize the good taste of the owner of an apartment or house and complement the overall style. But choosing black doors is not an easy task. So that your interior does not look radical, and the dark color looks appropriate, we recommend that you read the article and familiarize yourself with the selection rules and a selection of the best design solutions.

Black Doors New Jersey
Black Doors New Jersey

Should I put black interior doors?

For some people, the use of a black shade in the interior is a taboo. They prefer light pastels and find that dark colors make the space heavier and not practical. Especially when it comes to interior doors. There is some truth in this, but such an opinion is rather a matter of taste. Modern design selections convince that a black door is a stylish and quite appropriate solution if it is combined with the overall interior and style of the room.

To be or not to be a black door? Of course, to be. If your taste preferences tend to choose such an interior solution, do not deny yourself. And here are some reasons why this is appropriate:

Black interior doors are chic. This option looks especially expensive in a matte finish. A bold and eye-catching element of the interior will become a bright accent in your room and at the same time emphasize its elegance.

Doors of this shade will unite and complement all black elements. Such a solution looks especially attractive in bright rooms with dark accessories or furniture. The bed frame, vase, curtains, black railings are elegantly combined with the same door. With this accessory, you can easily create an integral combination, similar to pictures from glossy magazines.

Black doors help to hide the imperfections of the slabs. We are talking about situations where the budget is limited and the owner of a house or apartment does not have enough money to buy a high-quality model. This solution is more suitable for spacious rooms.

The black door visually increases the height of the ceiling. The maximum effect is achieved in rooms with contrasting colors. So, a dark door against a background of light wallpaper will correct the disadvantage in the form of low ceilings.

Pros and cons in the interior

Is it worth it to put black interior doors – examples in the interior In modern interiors, you can increasingly find such an accessory as a black interior door. Strict classics, baroque, strict minimalism, modern – all these styles will perfectly emphasize the door leaf in dark shades. Interior products are made from different types of wood – walnut, wenge, rosewood, teak and others. But there are more affordable options – high-quality imitations for valuable breeds.

The advantages of black interior doors include:

  • adaptation to many stylistic decisions and designs;
  • the ability to make an additional emphasis on the style chosen by the owner of the apartment or house;
  • versatility – black is easy to combine with other colors;
  • with the right combination, the dark door looks stylish and concise;
  • black interior doors are practical to use – they do not show dirt, scratches and prints.

But, despite a number of advantages and great popularity, door panels of such shades have their drawbacks:

  • black doors are not suitable for completing the interior in too dark rooms;
  • on such slabs, dust is more noticeable than on light ones;
  • there is a risk of creating a gloomy atmosphere in the room with an illiterate approach;
  • visual reduction of space through the use of dark shades.
Black Interior Doors New York
Black Interior Doors New York

Where is the best place to install black doors?

Black doors are distinguished by their practicality and versatility. But in any case, they should be combined with interior items – only then interior products will emphasize the dignity of the room and give it a noble look. Consider the options for installing black doors, depending on the purpose of the room:

Entrance hall or corridor – in these rooms, as a rule, there are no windows. If you combine light shades of walls with black doors, there is a chance to visually enlarge the room. At the same time, wall decoration can be any: vinyl or wallpaper for painting, plaster or paint. Choose the shades to your liking – beige, sand, pale pink and light gray colors work well.

Should I put black interior doors – examples in the interior

Living room – the black door in this room is able to emphasize the good taste of the owner and give it luxury. An interior product in a dark shade goes well with white and beige when it comes to modern style. For the classics, burgundy, gold, green and beige wallpapers are suitable. In spacious living rooms with two or more windows, you can easily combine black interior doors with dark walls without the risk of weighing down the room.

Interior Doors in Black
Interior Doors in Black

Should I put black interior doors – examples in the interior

The bedroom is a perfectly acceptable interior solution for both small and medium-sized rooms. If the room has dark wallpapers, give preference to light furniture – in this case, the interior will look harmonious and at the same time contrasting. Black bedroom doors are a good option for modern and Scandinavian style bedrooms.

Kitchen – in such a room, the interior slabs performs two functions: aesthetic design and an obstacle to the penetration of odors into other rooms. The black door in the kitchen is suitable for bright, light and natural tones. Such a slabs helps out housewives well, because pollution is not so noticeable against a dark background.

Black doors shade selection

Black interior doors are a radical interior solution. They will perfectly complement the room in light and beige colors. Today, the stores offer a large assortment of similar slabs in different designs. If you are in doubt about black, you can change it to dark gray or brown tones.

For lovers of original solutions, black doors are presented in stores in the following variations:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • black marble imitation;
  • black slabs with color combinations.
black interior doors
black interior doors

Black interior doors material selection

Is it worth it to install black interior doors – examples in the interior Doors are made from solid wood and its derivatives. Most often, oak, walnut, wenge, teak and chestnut are used as a base. The advantage of doors made of such materials is that they are completely natural and serve their owner for a long time. The cost of interior products is determined by the type of wood and the fittings used. And another option is a pressed slabs, which in turn is divided into 3 types:

Chipboard is a more budget option compared to wood. Doors made of chipboard are distinguished by good sound insulation and affordable price, but at the same time they cannot be called very durable. Another disadvantage is that they do not tolerate moisture well, so they are not recommended for installation in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Fiberboard – differ in acceptable cost and a wide range. Unlike the previous type, fiberboard doors are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, as they are resistant to moisture. But they are less durable when compared with wooden slabs.

MDF – doors made of this material are environmentally friendly and moisture resistant. They differ from the predecessors described above by a higher cost, but this option will last much longer.

Design Choice

The variety of models of interior doors in specialized stores is impressive. Here everyone will find a suitable option for themselves – more elegant or emphasizing the original taste of the owner.

Today you can find interior slabs in the following variations:

Is it worth it to put black interior doors – examples in the interior Doors with black trim – the slabs itself is usually made in a dark shade. In this case, the black color sets off the door well and at the same time highlights the design. The slabs can be wenge, dark gray or brown.

A radical black door – this option is perfect for extravagant ladies, but in a typical interior it can look absurd. On sale there are black doors with a glossy and matte surface.

Apricot black doors are an interesting design solution that will be a great addition to the room. The peculiarity of this shade is that light gray overflows are noticeable on a black saturated slabs.

Black doors combined with glass are one of the most popular options that are suitable for installation in modern premises. Glass can be frosted or glossy at the request of the buyer.

If the plans have a goal to visually increase the space of the room, it is recommended to use black doors combined with glass. It can be dark, matte or completely transparent, depending on the overall style.

Particular attention when buying a black door should be given to fittings. The stores offer a wide range – matte and glossy, black and white, colored and curly pens. Here it is better to rely on your taste and practicality.

Some make a choice in favor of the “total black” style – in this case, the door, trim and handle are made in the same color. Not a very good solution – a black slabs and a white pen. Such fittings look out of place.

Life hack. Matte black doors with tinted glass and chrome handles are perfect for modern interiors.

Combination with other colors

Is it worth it to put black interior doors – examples in the interiorBlack color is considered to be universal and noble. It goes well with other shades and allows you to add contrast to the room or, conversely, muffle it. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the apartment and the general style of the room.

We list the most successful combinations of black interior doors with other colors:

Interior in dark colors – this combination is well suited for decorating a living room. In this case, the black door can be made of glossy glass. Many people think that such a design is gloomy, but this is not the case. Especially when it comes to spacious rooms.

The combination of black and white is the perfect option for a radical change in the style of the room. Contrasting interiors are always a good choice. For lovers of the avant-garde, you can use the checkerboard design of the floor against the backdrop of a black door. A few paintings, vases and other decorative elements – and your room will turn into a stylishly decorated room.

The interior in light colors – a black door against the background of white or beige walls and ceilings always looks elegant. And one more plus – such a design solution will visually make the room larger and at the same time put the right accent.

Combination with different styles

For a modern interior, an interior door is not just a protection against noise and third-party smell. The slabs is an element of decor that will allow you to complete the design of the room and emphasize the style. The black door will perfectly fit into the interiors made in the following stylistic solutions:

Classic – a door of this color will look good against the background of light walls and a dark floor. To complete the interior, you can add a bright accent in the form of a colored carpet.

Should I put black interior doors – examples in the interior

Colonial – black doors with the same color glass are ideal for this style. For decor, you can use glossy elements – lacquered furniture, shiny vases and figures. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

Should I put black interior doors – examples in the interior

Minimalism – for lovers of this style, the combination of a black door leaf with light matte walls will be ideal. Brown floors complement the interior well.

The black door does not limit the imagination of designers. The color of the floor can be any, even light. But keep in mind that in this case, the skirting boards and platbands are matched to the shade of the door.

What should not be combined with?

The black slabs will fit perfectly into the interior of a modern apartment, but still, it is better to consider incongruous options before buying:

A risky move is bright red wallpaper and a black door. This option is more suitable for cafes, restaurants, but not for life.

Black doors with white handles look out of place.

You should not install a dark slabs in an apartment, the general style of which is made in bright colors.

TOP design solutions

We list the TOP design solutions in favor of which most people choose:

  • Black door on a background of light wallpaper and dark gray.
  • Black slabs combined with dark floors and walls.
  • Black doors combined with bright accents. This versatile color works well with red floors or yellow walls. It is worth noting that this solution is more suitable for young people who love brightness.
  • Black slabs on a background of white wallpaper and a light floor.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and give up the misconception that a black door is impractical and pretentious. With the right combination, such slabs fit perfectly into the overall interior and give the room gloss and luxury. The main thing is to choose the right one!