Wood Windows: Expensive & Prestigious

Wood Windows

Today, the consumer has the opportunity to choose from many options for glazing an apartment or a house. You can buy not only plastic windows, but also combined windows made of aluminum or wood. The market is rich as it has never been. Nevertheless, the choice of the most captious buyers falls precisely on windows made of the elite class wood. Despite the fact that the cost of products of this kind is significantly higher than the cost of PVC windows or metal-plastic windows. What is the reason for such unprecedented popularity?

Wood Windows
Wood Windows

High quality modern wooden windows can be made exclusively with specialized equipment of European production. This is what explains their high cost. However, most buyers still come to the conclusion that the price can be ignored when it comes to the quality of windows of this level.

The main positive characteristic of wooden windows is that they are absolutely environmentally friendly. You will not find metals that are particularly dangerous for the human body, among the frame materials. Which, as a rule, are contained in windows made of metal-plastic profiles. In addition, wooden windows completely lack closed metal systems that form the frame of PVC windows.

The modern basis of the wooden window market is made up of windows with a single binding. They are made of two- or three-layer glued laminated wood using imported fittings and double-glazed windows. Casements of wooden windows can be tilt-and-turn, hinged, rotary or simply deaf. Folding designs due to ease of use are more popular. With their help, the window can be easily set in light ventilation mode or fully opened if necessary.

Wooden windows with a double frame will certainly cost the buyer a little more than similar designs that have only one frame. These are windows developed according to European technology. They are most often used in places where cold weather is particularly harsh and windy.

The basis of window quality is the right choice of source material

In order for a wooden window to fully comply with European quality standards, the wood from which the frames are made is subjected to specialized processing. The wood is pre-dried, taking into account the observance of special technologies. Only well-dried wood will subsequently not crack and become less durable. In addition, it is subjected to additional processing with various impregnations and varnishes, which completely exclude the possibility of rotting wooden frames.