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9 rules for choosing entrance doors

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Entrance metal doors are installed in apartments, private houses, summer cottages, offices and institutions. They differ in shape, finish, and the presence of inserts. But all of them are designed to isolate premises from extraneous sounds, cold, and reliable protection of property. In this article, we will look at 9 rules that will help you get a practical and durable slabs.

Choosing Exterior Doors
Choosing Exterior Doors

1. Design features

A typical slabs of any reliability class consists of a metal sheet, frame, box, locks, hinges, heaters and seals. Depending on the manufacturer, the availability of decor, the composition of the elements may slightly change or be supplemented. There are many finishing options for decoration.

The most strong, durable frame is considered to be a profiled pipe with one welded seam on the inside. It is complemented by a sheet of steel, which is of two types:

  • Cold rolled – more expensive and durable.
  • Hot rolled – dark material, less resistant to various influences.

There are doors with one, two or three sheets. The last option is considered the ideal of reliability.

Exterior Door Lock
Exterior Door Lock

2. Thickness of steel

  • 0.8 – 1.0 mm – such slabs are used to decorate buildings of an economic type, where valuable things are not stored.
  • – 2.0 mm – a good solution for office premises inside guarded buildings.
  • 2.0 – 3.0 mm – standard for a metal door for an apartment.
  • 4.0 mm and more – are installed in country houses, at the entrances of institutions.

3. Stiffeners

Required to increase strength, resistance is tight to attempts of breaking and knocking out. They do not allow the structure to skew, which is especially important if the door is used regularly. They can be located horizontally, vertically or diagonally across the entire area. They are created from a corner, rectangular pipes, rolled products with a complex profile. The latter weigh less, but at the same time are more resistant to influences. For a standard door to an apartment, 3 ribs are enough, for slabs in a country house you need more.

4. Heat and sound insulation

Several systems are used to improve the performance of protection against cold and extraneous noise. Seals are placed along the perimeter of the slabs  – from 1 to 4 circuits. Internal voids of the structure are filled with various insulating materials:

Mineral wool. It is used more often than others, has good insulation performance. Safe for people, environmentally friendly, durable.

Styrofoam. An option for cheap doors, at the same time it perfectly deters sounds, cold. But in case of fire, it quickly ignites.

Polyurethane foam. Relatively expensive, practical, not afraid of humidity, temperature fluctuations.

Penoplex. In many ways it resembles mineral wool, but quickly ignites.

Sintepon. A large layer is required for normal insulation, therefore it is rarely used.

Cardboard, paper. Well suited for installation in outbuildings, but not resistant to moisture.

5. Exterior and interior decoration

Powder spraying. It is especially often used to decorate the street side of the door. It is a resistant coating of paints of different shades, forming an anti-vandal film when heated. It is difficult to damage it with sharp objects.

Solid wood. Natural material, can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It stands out for its beautiful carving, complex decorative elements, including glass, mirror or forging inserts.

MDF panel. Covered with veneer, laminate, PVC foil, imitating the texture, shade of natural wood. Created from shavings, they have a thickness of 7-20 mm. They can be decorated with milling of any complexity.

Vinyl leather. A long-known option for finishing paintings. Now manufacturers offer many colors, patterns. Interesting patterns on the surface can be created with decorative studs.

Plastic. An inexpensive option, easy to care for, but extremely short-lived.

Varnish, paint. This coverage will need to be updated frequently.

Outer hinge on the front door

6. Varieties of door hinges

  • Outdoor. These include overhead, open views. When attempting to break in, they can be cut off, which will make it easier to retrieve the blade. This is opposed by the crossbars, so you should pay attention to their presence when choosing structures.
  • Hidden. Domestic varieties that are difficult to get to. But with frequent use, it can jam, and repairs will require a call of specialists and relatively large costs.
Entrance Door Hinges
Entrance Door Hinges

7. Lock systems

The locks are just as important as the rest of the parameters. The more complex they are, the longer the thief will have to tinker with him and the more likely that he will not succeed, will be noticed by neighbors.

There are the following varieties:

  • Lever. Reliability depends on the number of levers. The standard for the front door is from six pieces. Their number is determined by the steps on the key – one more than in the installed lock system. There are crab varieties with crossbars extending in different directions and with a manganese insert, on which the drills break.
  • Cylinder. Equipped with mechanisms of various levels of complexity. For reinforcement, it is supplemented with an armored plate.
  • Electronic. They have not yet received widespread distribution. It is difficult to find the right code for them, so intelligent hacking is hardly possible. But the door can simply be knocked out.
  • Combined. They combine several mechanisms at once. Not so common. They are distinguished by high reliability.
Entry Door Locks
Entry Door Locks

8. The size of the entrance door

Ideally, each slab should be made under the opening, taking into account its individual dimensions. But there are many typical solutions that require additional actions with the entrance. Therefore, before buying, it is advisable to call the measurer to establish the exact parameters, help with the selection of the design.

The optimum opening width is 35 inches. Less will not allow bringing home appliances, furniture. For a wider entrance, double doors may be required.

According to the method of opening, the door leaves are left and right. Manufacturers, stores offer both options at once for each model. According to fire safety techniques, the door should open inward, but this will simplify its break-in. Therefore, more often structures are thrown open outward.

9. Levels of door security

Not all manufacturers indicate and report them, but the products can be independently attributed to any class, if you pay attention to the characteristics.

  • First. Steel thickness from 1.0 to 1.5 mm, with simple locks. Placed in vestibules, basements.
  • Second. More secure, but also not suitable for installation in an apartment or house.
  • Third. They have good, complex locking systems. Suitable for indoor installation inside buildings.
  • Fourth. Doors for cottages. With thick steel, multiple locks and armored escutcheons.
  • Fifth and higher. Constructions for offices, banks, institutions where there are valuable documents.

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