6 Rules For Interior Doors Care

Today, all modern interior doors have good characteristics of strength and reliability. But as it is correct, poor exploitation conditions can ruin absolutely anything. On the other hand, good handling and care, on the contrary, will help to extend the service life of the doors and keep their original appearance.

Door Cleaning
Door Cleaning

Six maintenance rules to help preserve your interior door:
• All parts of the door (frame, door slabs, hardware) should be cleaned at least once a month but regularly. Otherwise, there is a risk that ugly stains of dirt will remain on the doors, which will be impossible to remove.

• Doors can be cleaned only with special liquids that have their purpose. This is done in order not to damage the door accidentally. The characteristic inscriptions distinguish such funds on the bottle. Cleaning products for wood products are ideal.

• Removing dust and dirt can only be done with soft materials, while hard materials can damage the outer layer of the door.

• Limit the ingress of water on the door. Doors should only be cleaned with slightly moistened materials. If you clean the doors with a wet rag and do not prevent water from flowing down the slab, then most likely, water will get under the seams of the upper layer, and the door will begin to swell from the inside.

• Based on the previous advice, it should be said that it is necessary to wipe the door dry after each cleaning.

• The linen and platbands should be polished at least once a month, as well as cleaned. For polishing, wax products can be used to create a special film designed to prevent moisture from entering and drying out the materials. Also, when choosing cleaning products, exclude those containing harsh chemicals from the selection.

Important! When caring for interior doors, consider what such products are made of. For example, completely wooden doors must be regularly treated with special liquids to protect the product from pests. It is better to keep veneered products away from heating, such products do not tolerate too high temperatures and quickly become unusable.

How to care for a glass of interior doors?

Glasses indoors also require maintenance in the same way as the door itself. There are no secrets here. The glass can be cleaned with unique cleaning products, but to avoid streaks, it is better not to use lint-laden cloths. It is better to take a newspaper and polish the glass surface. It will also not leave spots.

Traces of grease or hands can be removed with a regular dishwashing detergent, but do not forget that the canvas must not come into contact with water, so remove dirt only in the place where it appears. Wipe the glass so that not even a damp residue remains.

How to care for fittings?

An element on interior doors, such as fittings, also requires timely maintenance. Also, sudden changes in temperature, water ingress, and other influences can cause rust or deformation of parts.

When cleaning fittings, it is best to use dry materials to remove dust. You can resort to using anti-corrosion agents in small quantities and not more often than once a year.

Also, every year, you need to be “general.” Remove doors, detach fittings from the door, lubricate parts, clean from dust. In some places, pull up or, conversely, lower. This is done to exclude a change in the shape of the structure or sagging of the doors.

What not to do when caring for fittings:

• Do not use aggressive chemicals. These are funds that contain bleach, various acids, and alkalis. Also, you can not use funds in powder form.

• Use rags and sponges with hard, scratching surfaces.

• Place or mount doors in the sun or close to heating systems.

Important! If interior doors are installed in a room with frequent temperature changes, timely ventilation should be carried out, an exhaust hood and ventilation systems should be used.

To make such products to serve you faithfully, follow the above tips. The doors will do reliably for a long time.