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Front Door Locks – Where To Buy In Brooklyn?

Door Locks for Exterior Door

Installing a quality front door does not completely solve the security issue. In order for the sash in the doorway to become an insurmountable obstacle for intruders, it is necessary to choose a reliable lock. The correct choice of a locking device for an entrance door means that its weight, material of manufacture, design features and location will be taken into account.

Door Locks for Exterior Door
Door Locks for Exterior Door

In this case, you cannot do without the help of an experienced contractor. The staff of the “Doors & More” company includes highly qualified specialists who will give you high-quality advice on this issue and provide products from factories with a reliable reputation.

Front door lock – how to choose?

The variety of door locks on the market today is amazing. By the type of attachment, they are divided into deadbolt and mortise. Both varieties have similar resistance to burglary, so this criterion is not the most important in choosing. A more serious role is played by the device of the locking mechanism. Most of them are not particularly reliable – such locks can be broken in a matter of minutes. Locking devices with such secret mechanisms are considered the most reliable:

                Cylinder. The secret mechanism of such a lock is in the form of a cylinder. It works in such a way that when the “native” key is inserted into the well, the pins line up in one line, making it possible to turn the rotor unhindered. If at least one of them does not take the correct position, the lock will not open.  

The degree of secrecy of the cylinder depends on the number of pins.

Lever Lock. Due to the reliability of the mechanism, such locks were previously used only in safes. How does he work? Turning the “native” key sets the metal plates (levers) in motion. Their position is changed in such a way that the bolt can move freely. If at least one levers are in the wrong position, the lock will not open.

Entrance door locks – what to look for?

Experts advise installing two locking devices with different systems on the front door at once. This will make the robber’s work longer and noisier, which will attract the attention of neighbors. To complicate the task of opening locks using power tools, they must be placed on the door slab not too close to each other.

 When choosing a cylinder-type locking device, it is important to consider the material from which it is made. If the secret mechanism was made of steel, not brass, then you can count on its long service life and good resistance to drilling. The obvious advantage of the cylinder lock is the ability to replace only the inner part in the event of a breakdown.

The key to the level lock is large and it is very difficult to duplicate it if it is lost. An important role is played by the width of the keyhole – if it is too large, it will be easy for a thief to manipulate the master key. The quality of the key deserves special attention – it must have straight corners and perfectly polished edges of the barbs.

To increase the level of reliability of locking devices with a lever mechanism, manufacturers offer the following additional devices: carbide inserts, pins, and a titanium case. Additional protection against drilling and knocking out is provided by overhead or mortise armor plates made of hard metals.

The security of any door is in the lock. This device is expected to be durable and tamper-resistant. Our experts will help you make the best choice, taking into account all the conditions, your economic opportunities and individual wishes. To get a full consultation, please contact our manager. “Doors Plus Windows” is always on guard for your safety!