Advantages of Eco Style Interior Doors

eco style interior doors

“Eco-style” appeared at the end of the last century, when the issues of protecting and preserving the environment became acute. At the same time, people began to understand that in their lives there should be more natural materials that can revive houses and apartments. So, natural features – wood, stone, plants began to prevail in the interior design of premises. All of them are beautiful, as they form a single interior, and are also suitable for arrangement in other, more modern directions, for example, in hi-tech.

eco style interior doors
Eco Style Interior Doors

In this article, we will consider what they are and what criteria such interior doors should meet.

Features of eco style in home decoration

Like any other style it stands out with several recognizable features that can help distinguish it from others:

  • A large amount of natural light, which does not interfere with the penetration of rooms and space.
  • A small number of partitions, walls and other obstacles, including doors. Alternatively, they can be replaced with glass.
  • Natural shades and textures – colors of grass, wood, sky or water, or a bright and pure white tone.
  • The presence of items that have already been in use, but have retained their functions and strength.
  • Natural materials that have undergone only minor chemical treatment and do not contain synthetic elements.
  • Only natural, uncomplicated forms, no abstract, unexpected inclusions characteristic of many styles of the 20th century.
  • Decorative details must also correspond to the overall design of the space and not contradict it.

Slab choosing criteria

Such models should:

  • Not overload the interior and fit into the overall decoration.
  • Not obstruct the admission of light, do not obscure the space.
  • Match the overall natural palette.
  • Materials may contain only a minimum amount of non-natural components.
  • Not to stand out in an unexpected, contrary to the direction of the form – only graceful lines.

Materials for interior doors

The choice here is not as great as it might seem. Two types are considered the most optimal:

Solid wood – natural wood is always natural. Models made of oak, elm, walnut, pine or birch will fit perfectly into the interior. They have a rich and original palette of colors and textures that are difficult to reproduce and repeat. But at the same time, they require more careful care and maintenance. By purchasing such interior doors, you can immediately expect that they will stand for many years. The overwhelming majority of types of wood are not afraid of mechanical impacts, but even if chips or scratches appear, they are easily cleaned up during restoration.

MDF with veneer finish – eco-veneer is also suitable, although it will not be so relevant. Finding such interior doors is not difficult. They are distinguished by a wide variety of colors, and perfectly convey the natural pattern of different types of wood, from which they are cut. They can be perfectly painted, varnished, tinted and finished in other ways. A variety of patterns, including complex ones, are applied to wood panels by milling. And at the same time, these models are cheaper than wooden structures.

Options for shades and colors

Eco-style interior doors are presented not only by products in natural wood shades, but also in painted slabs. And in this case, there are several of the most preferred colors that will perfectly fit into the interior in this direction:

  1. Brown;
  2. Beige;
  3. White;
  4. Light green;
  5. Black;
  6. Blue.

In general, the palette of even natural colors is selected taking into account the prevailing tone of the walls, floor and ceiling. In each case, the model of the interior door is selected individually.

Types of decoration finish

When we say about finishing of eco style door slabs, we most often mean its absence. In theory, such slabs should not be colorful at all, without attracting too much attention. But there are several ways how to decorate products, and at the same time not make the overall impression of them heavier:

  • A glass insert is preferable, since this way the light will penetrate between the rooms, and they will turn out to be more visually spacious. Glazing can be either simple or matte, but it is better not to install tinted or stained-glass inserts. They will fit into the interior in the style of modernity, but not in the eco style.  
  • Moldings are thin metal inserts that will look original in mixed-style housing. Attention is not attracted, while reflecting light, allowing more to illuminate the space. Since they are made of natural material, they fit well into the overall concept.

For furnishing an apartment or house in an eco-style, interior doors made of solid wood or with veneer cover are well suited. The richness of their shades and textures will favorably complement the room, emphasize its natural orientation. Such products are most often designed for a long service life and do not require serious, constant maintenance. There is a large selection in the catalog of the Doors & More store.