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Entry Doors With Glass Inserts – Durable Construction And Stylish Design

Entry Doors With Glass Inserts

The time of blind front doors has passed long ago.

Metal entry doors installed even in a country house or cottage can have glass elements.

Do entrance doors with glass inserts have disadvantages? How are they doing in terms of safety and reliability?

It is believed that a glass door is vulnerable because it is not as strong. And indeed it is. If you arm yourself with an ax or a construction sledgehammer, then breaking glass with a certain skill is a simple matter.

In addition, the door, which is made with a large number of glass elements, allows you to see what is happening in the room. Especially if the glass is completely transparent.

Entry Doors With Glass Inserts
Entry Doors With Glass Inserts

So does that mean that you shouldn’t install front doors with glass elements?

We hasten to convince you.

Modern door structures with glass are durable, hide your personal life from sight, and most importantly, they reliably protect against unauthorized entry, that is, they perform their main function.

What types of glass are used for front doors? 

No ordinary glass is installed in the entrance doors. The strength of the glass is increased by thermal hardening, which achieves mechanical shock resistance. Such glass is not easy to break. Also, tempered glass can withstand a wide range of temperature changes, the so-called thermal shock, after which ordinary glass can collapse.  

In addition to tempered glass, double-glazed triplex and reinforced glass are installed in metal doors. Triplex consists of two or three sheets that are connected with foil or glue. That is, the triplex can be jellied or film. And glass layers that are used in such technology are different in physical characteristics: reinforced or tempered in a combination with an ordinary one. The strength of this glass structure is quite high. Moreover, if the glass can still be broken in some way, then there will be no fragments at all.

Triplex advantages:


Noise protection

Thermal insulation

Another option is reinforced glass, in which a metal mesh is rolled into liquid glass at very high temperatures, and a single structure is obtained. This is not the most durable option. Reinforced glass is inferior in performance than the above options. The whole point of reinforcement is to exclude the scattering of fragments if the glass is damaged. Therefore, we recommend choosing a metal door with tempered glass or triplex from all possible options. These inserts are very durable. You won’t be able to smash them even with a bat.

Interesting fact:

Did you know that in Ireland, it is customary to paint entrance doors in all sorts of colors – yellow, green, red, purple, etc. This habit became part of the local flavor after the government issued a decree to paint all doors black. Freedom-loving residents of Ireland protested by choosing bright, juicy shades.