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Is it cheaper to buy a pre-hung door?

Prehung Interior Doors

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of models of interior doors in terms of material, finish and texture. However, most products have a standard size of slabs. For the owners of non-standard openings, the problem arises after the purchase: how to correctly calculate the dimensions of the door frame.

Prehung Interior Doors New York And New Jersey
Prehung Interior Doors New York And New Jersey

Door supplier company “Doors & More” offers cheaper prehung doors. The door frame is ideally matched to individual dimensions. A prehung door will harmoniously fit the opening and serve its owners for many years.

Prehung Interior Doors
Prehung Interior Doors

The customer, choosing a door for himself, is also determined by its configuration. The complete set of prehung interior doors can be divided into the standard one, which is initially provided for by the price list, and the additional one (which the client can order in addition to the door, for a separate cost).

The standard set of prehung interior doors includes:
– door frame;
– door slab;
– one or more stiffeners (depending on the type of door);
Additional equipment can be agreed upon with the client, it may include:
– door closer system;
– main and additional locks;
– decoration;
– doorhandle.
Thus, when purchasing a prehung door, it is necessary to proceed from what functionality it will carry in itself. And based on this, determine its technical performance and appearance.

Why to choose a prehung interior door?

The door hardware market offers a huge selection of components and doors from foreign and domestic manufacturers. Door slabs have standard dimensions: Standard widths include 18, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32 and 36 inches. Standard heights include 80, 84 and 96 inches. The thickness of the door frame varies from 15 to 45 mm. To choose the best option for the product, take into account the dimensions of the doorway and the typical dimensions of the slabs. If you ignore these parameters, you have to return the newly acquired door or expand the opening.

Advantages of prehung interior doors:

  • slabs have one or more stiffeners that increase resistance to damage;
  • correctly selected dimensions of the door and frame to prevent the deflection of wood under the action of the load;
  • locks have a high level of protection;
  • selection of a door slab frame in a non-standard design;
  • simple maintenance with minimal cost.

It is not enough to choose the interior door and purchase it – the slabs must be correctly installed, having previously taken measurements and designed it for a specific opening. In order to avoid mistakes, entrust this work to the professionals of the Doors & More company!

What are the door frame options?

The door frame is the basis of any door slab. The design must have a high margin of safety, stability and long service life. With the right choice of the frame, the door will function flawlessly for a long time.

We offer various options for door frames that differ:

  • design (corner, end, telescopic, hidden frame);
  • materials;
  • complete set (reinforced hinges, anti-removable pins, etc.).

Advantages of ordering an entrance door in the Doors & More store

The priority activity of our company is the production, supply, and installation of interior doors complete with a frame in New York and New Jersey. Thanks to our flexible pricing policy, we offer to buy a door with a frame cheaply and without extra charges.

We reduce the cost of doors by:

available components, insulating materials, fittings;
the use of high-quality inexpensive finishing materials;
multistage quality control;
compliance with standards and requirements during installation.

You can order an inexpensive interior door through the website or by contacting our manager. The consultant will advise on measurements, choose the finish and, after the door slab is made, you can order installation service.