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Custom Order Non-Standard Entry Doors

Steel Entry Doors

Metal entry doors are in great demand, as they have many positive properties. Products perfectly protect the living space from intruders, extraneous noises. Doorways can be different, so buyers sometimes prefer to order non-standard doors.

Steel Entry Doors

What are the features of non-standard doors?

Non-standard metal entry doors differ not in appearance, but in size. This is the main indicator. Typically, such structures are used in buildings erected according to unique designs that have the same unusual doorways, for example, characterized by the greater width, length.

Often non-standard models are installed in country houses. After all, the main part of such premises is built according to an individual plan. If the doorway has dimensions that do not meet the standards, you have to order the doors depending on the available parameters.

Types of custom entrance doors

Doors with non-standard parameters are of different types, for example:

  • products with three flaps, one of which does not open at all and is not used in any way;
  • slabs with a blind insert on top;
  • doors with wider sashes in contrast to standard ones;
  • designs complemented by unusual decorative details.

Today the door market offers a huge range of non-standard products. Experienced craftsmen are able to customize any exclusive model, fit it to the doorway of the required size.

Of course, the production of such a structure will be more expensive, but the product will perfectly fit into the existing interior, and the owner of the house will be satisfied with the result.

What to consider when ordering a custom door?

When ordering a custom entry door, it is important to pay attention to some significant points. First of all, assess the operating conditions. Metal entry doors usually do not lend themselves to negative influences from external factors.

Another important point is the degree of protection of the door structure. Here it is required to take into account the thickness of the metal, the number of layers of material in the slab, the number of locks and their types, the presence of stiffeners. The latter elements play a special role in the strength of the door. The more stiffeners there are, the higher its safety and strength.

Another key point is the insulation material. Heat and sound insulation depends on what the door slab is filled with. Usually glasswool, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam are used for filling.

It is also required to set the optimal weight of the non-standard design. Remember that a good quality product will always be heavy, because stiffening ribs significantly increase the mass of the structure.

If you have animals in your house that can scratch the door, it is better to order a vandal-proof type covering.

Also, do not forget that the products must have a quality certificate and a passport.

Custom entry door installation

Having bought a non-standard front door, you need to install it correctly. Trying to mount it yourself is not worth it. Lack of knowledge and experience can lead to significant mistakes, and even damage to the door slab itself.

Also, if installed incorrectly, the door will not meet all the declared properties, for example, reliability, heat and sound insulation will decrease. Therefore, it is better to contact a specialist and not worry about the quality of the installation.  

Before installing a non-standard door, you need to dismantle the old entry door slab if you need to update the structure. If previously there was a standard door in this place, you will need to change the parameters of the doorway to match the purchased door.

If the same non-standard model was previously installed, you can immediately proceed with the installation.

The installation process itself consists of the following steps:

  1. Installation of a frame that includes vertical and horizontal elements.
  2. If there is an insert in the door slab in the form of glass or a mirror, it must be fixed before the next steps using a sealant.
  3. Installation of the door structure on the hinges.
  4. Installation of door slab and frame.
  5. Fixing fittings.

In conclusion, the correct installation and operation of the door must be checked.

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