Stages Of Entry Door Installation

A reliable entrance door is the guarantor of the safety of a house or apartment and the protection of a property. It must meet requirements such as thermal insulation, strength, ease of use, aesthetic appearance, sound insulation. These characteristics depend not only on the quality of the material and accessories but also mainly on the correct installation. An inept installation of the most reliable entry door can negate its advantages and benefits.

Install Entry Door DIY
Install Entry Door DIY

First, you need to choose the right product. Doors should be purchased only from reliable manufacturers, well-known factories with an extensive range, and an impeccable reputation. Secondly, you need to measure the opening correctly, otherwise, the door will not fit in size, or it won’t be easy to mount it there.

Stages of entry door installation

  • Site preparation for installation. If there is an old door, it must be carefully removed not to damage the walls. Then, using a punch, the opening is cleaned of excess plaster around the entire perimeter. A substrate of the required height is prepared from bricks or wooden beams.
  • Installation of a frame from a new front door. It is necessary to make several measurements with a level so that the box becomes strictly vertical. If any part of the opening gets in the way, you need to comb it. The pegs are used for fixation.
  • Securing the hinge side of the door. The operation should start from the top point.
  • Door level adjustment.
  • Sealing the gap between the door frame and the wall.
  • Checking the functionality of the locks.
Replace Ane Exterior Door
Replace Ane Exterior Door

Entrance doors should be ordered according to the official catalogs of manufacturers. In this case, the product will be in the warehouse, ready for transportation and installation.

Replacing An Exterior Door
Replacing An Exterior Door

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