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How To Choose Bathroom Interior Doors

bathroom interior doors

You will know: how to buy bathroom doors that can be used in the specific conditions characteristic of this room, and not overpay.

Doors made of elite wood species and covered with a moisture-proof compound are beautiful, but expensive and impractical. Today, more economical veneer, laminate and enamel products and modern triplex doors are increasingly becoming popular.

bathroom interior doors
bathroom interior doors

Types of doors suitable for the bathroom

Veneer doors

The door slab of such products is made of budget grade wood. From above, they are faced with a thin cut of natural wood. Thus, veneered doors look noble and stylish, but they are much cheaper than analogues made of solid wood. For a bathroom, doors with an additional varnish coating are more appropriate. Which prevents moisture absorption and protects the base from mechanical damage. The durability and reliability of the door is largely determined by the quality of the veneer. Therefore, focus on the doors of famous brands. In cheap products, veneer is often not glued conscientiously and peels off over time under the influence of moisture.

Laminated doors

The door slab of such doors is covered with an environmentally friendly and safe PVC film. It does not absorb water, repels condensation and protects the door slab from damage. Laminated doors are inexpensive, and will last more than one year.

Enamel Bathroom Doors

Modern equipment, paints and varnishes make it possible to achieve uniform application of enamel over the entire area of ​​the coating – without streaks, roughness and other shortcomings. Enamel is not afraid of moisture, hot steam, withstands mechanical stress, and, if necessary, can be easily restored.

Glass Doors for Bathroom

The door slab can be made entirely of glass or decorated with glass inserts. In the manufacture of door products, laminated impact-resistant glass is used – triplex. It is safe: if damaged, it does not shatter into small fragments, but only cracks, forming a “cobweb”.

Choice of bathroom door design

Glazed doors. Glass visually expands the space and makes the room brighter, therefore the glazed version is recommended for small bathrooms. In addition to making the door with mirrored glazing look beautiful, you can use it as a large mirror. All-glass doors are distinguished by a wealth of design solutions. With the help of staining or film between the layers of glass, the door is given any shade – from classic to neon. The sandblasting technology allows you to decorate the glass surface with a graceful “frosty” pattern or skillful ornament. Of course, the price of interior doors with such design delights is high. If you don’t want to overpay for aesthetics, opt for doors with glass inserts – they also perfectly complement the interior of the bathroom.

Blind doors. This is a more traditional bathroom doors solution. Veneered and laminated doors, imitating the natural structure of the door, will fit into classic interiors. Products with enamel coating in black or white are a win-win option. The enamel can be painted in any shade according to the RAL scale, so it will not be difficult for you to choose a solution for original interiors.

If we talk about form, then paneled doors fit into the classic style and Art Deco. The stylish laconicism of the interior in the style of minimalism will be emphasized by doors with a smooth, shiny canvas. Doors made of elements of the correct geometric shape are a typical solution in the spirit of Art Nouveau.

What determines the comfort of daily use of the door in the bathroom

When opening, the door should not take up a lot of usable space, so it is important to choose the right type of opening.

Swing bath doors. Simple and reliable design, easy to install. However, it requires sufficient free space for opening. It is unlikely that this will create difficulties in a spacious studio, a private country cottage. However, in a small apartment, especially with separate bathrooms, swing doors are not very convenient.

Sliding doors for bathroom. The door slab moves parallel to the wall and not in an arc. This saves space near the door. However, the cost of fittings and installation of such doors is higher than that of swing doors.

Folding bathroom doors. Move parallel to the wall and fold like an accordion. Installation of interior doors designed according to this principle will not be difficult. They are also inexpensive. But for bathrooms, this is not the best solution. The gaps between the canvas and the box allow moist air into the apartment.

How to buy inexpensive and reliable bathroom doors

If you want to buy bathroom interior doors that will serve you faithfully and without disappointment or inconvenience, contact the doors specialized showroom. Such as Doors Plus Windows in Brooklyn & New Jersey. Firstly, this way you will save about 30% of the cost. Secondly, established brands sold in such stores have the necessary technical equipment, proven technologies and are certified for the compliance of their products with standards.

What else to look for when buying doors

  • The quality of the product coating: lamination only of PVC film, veneer or enamel with an additional varnish coating, careful painting of the ends of the product.
  • Telescopic moldings that allow the door to fit neatly into the opening.
  • Solid fittings – strong handles, smooth locks, massive hinges.

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