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Elite Entry Metal Doors

Elite Entry Door

Elite entry metal doors serve as the hallmark of an apartment or a house. Such doors are intended for real aesthetes who want to show their delicate taste and demonstrate their high status to the whole society. When choosing such doors, it is very important that they firmly combine high quality accessories, exclusive appearance and maximum reliability. You can buy entrance doors from us – at the “DoorsPlusWindows” store!

Elite Entry Door
Elite Entry Door

Nowadays, great importance is given to the style of a house, apartment or office. After all, it is the first glance and the first impression of the building that always begins with the entrance doors. And the unusual, original design and solid construction of such doors will make such housing impenetrable for intruders and will greatly raise the prestige of the owners.

Did you know that: The oldest door slab was discovered by archaeologists on the shores of Lake Zurich, its age is over five thousand years. The door was made of poplar and is perfectly preserved to this day. It is only 60″ high and 30” wide.

Elite door construction

Such entrance doors have a heavy-duty reinforced door frame measuring 2.5″X1.2″. They are made from square pipes with a metal thickness of more than 1/16 inch. In the doorway, the frame is fixed with special fasteners from 6 to 15 inches long and 1/3 inch in diameter.

The door frame must have at least three hinges with a special design – support bearings are used.

Reinforced door slab must be made of a profile pipe not less than 20x10x1. Several stiffeners added due to the heavy weight of the door, preventing its deformation, sagging and subsidence. The thickness of the metal sheet must be more than 3 mm. If the door is fireproof, another sheet is added inside.

Elite doors are filled with heat and sound insulation material. It should be non-flammable, not absorb moisture, and also not be toxic (for example, basalt wool).

Entrance doors of this class are always equipped with complex locks, more precisely a system of locks made of extra strong material. Such locks always have additional protection against drilling and are locked at the top, bottom and straight. The door frame is equipped with special anti-slip pins.

Elite entry doors finishing

The finishing of luxury doors is of particular importance. Here you can already choose at your own discretion. Inside, the doors are usually selected according to the interior and design of the apartment. Externally, the decoration of the entrance door made of valuable species of trees (walnut, oak, mahogany, beech), with a multi-layer varnish coating of different shades, is very popular. Optionally, you can mount a video camera or intercom screen.

Entrance doors with a special coating against mechanical damage (cuts, arson, etc.) are very popular now.

Doors of different shapes and decor can be made for a custom order. When ordering such doors, you can choose any texture and color of the overlays, use combined coating options and even apply artistic forging and insert glass from bulletproof material. With such doors, it is very important to choose comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly, durable door hardware and an original door number.