During the New Year holidays, the owners of New York housing have the opportunity to decorate the front doors, but not everyone knows how to do this more successfully. In this article, we have collected beautiful door design ideas to make your holidays bright and memorable.

New Year & Christmas Entrance Doors

Close star

Christmas Doors
Christmas Doors – Close Star

The laws of symmetry are applied In the design of this front door. Which are clearly felt in the deflection of the green garland that frames the opening on both sides. And also in the completely equally decorated herringbones installed on the sides of the door. But the abundance and splendor of accessories is balanced by a simple five-pointed star attached to the door slab, the frame of which is tightly wrapped with twine.

New year blues

Rustic Exterior Door Decoration For Christmas
Blue Christmas Decor For Exterior Door

Here’s another clue of how you can successfully beat the boring color of the front door, in this case, a piercing blue tint. Thus, there is an opportunity to deviate somewhat from the usual Christmas colors (white, red, green).

An evergreen tree or an artificial garland, decorated with shiny silver and blue-blue balls to match the door, creates a feeling of fabulous peace

Rustic decor

Rustic Style Exterior Door For Christmas
Rustic Style Exterior Door For Christmas

If your front door is made of natural wood, then it can be a great backdrop for discreet decorations inspired by winter nature. The natural texture of the door slab itself attracts attention. So it is better if there are few decorations, for example: a garland in the form of a thin chain, a wreath of bare branches and wicker fairy-tale characters entwined with a white textile ribbon.

White frost

White Frost Christmas Door
White Frost Christmas Door

Pay attention to artificial decorative flowers and branches with snow-white berries, as if covered with snow and ice. Such a decoration looks great against the background of a bright colored door, and if it is supplemented with an electric garland with warm white lights, the effect will be unsurpassed. 

Bows and ribbons

Bowls And Ribbons
Bows And Ribbons

You can simply and tastefully decorate the front door by using long textile ribbons of red or red-white color in decorating the opening. By the way, fluffy bows can also be formed from them, in order to then attach them to the visor over the porch, the back of the bench, the door wreath.

Christmas ring

Christmas Ring Style Door
Christmas Ring Style Door

Here is one of the most effective and affordable solutions for decorating the front entrance to a private house. It should be said that he will need to stock up on a large number of pine cones, but for those whose country house is located near a wooded area, this cannot be called a problem. A lush garland of pine cones, complemented by red, white or gold bells, is created in a short time, but the effect is incredible.

Riot of colors

Color Rito Christmas Doors
Color Riot Christmas Doors

The combination of green and orange colors is so unusual that we strongly recommend using it in the festive decorations of the front door to all admirers of unusual ideas in design. Perhaps some will consider decorating with real oranges as an excess, but this is the point, because many, nevertheless, believe in traditions that will contribute to the prosperity of a family in the coming year.

Discreet chic

Discreet Chick Christmas Style Door
Discreet Chic Christmas Style Door

Among the variety of colors and the abundance of festive decor, which we all love so much, it was decided to add this minimalist solution to the list of ideas for those who are close to restrained design. The decoration of the front door can be unassuming, nevertheless, stylish and luxurious at the same time, you just have to look at the paired decor items (lanterns and mini-trees), as well as a monogram and a lush wreath on the door slab.

Easy and stylish

Easy And Stylish Christmas Door
Easy And Stylish Christmas Door

A bright wooden frame instead of a wreath, decorated with a bunch of Christmas tree decorations, helps to decorate the door in a matter of minutes, when it needs to be done without much hassle. True, the workpiece itself will have to be created in advance, but its fasteners are already a question for your skill and resourcefulness.

Ease of festive mood

Ease Of Festive Mood
Ease Of Festive Mood

A positive charge will be transferred to everyone who visits your home, because already at the entrance, guests will be greeted with an unusual door design. We suggest putting aside shiny toys and replacing them in a wreath with textile flowers and pastel ribbons. You can also put metal lanterns near the door, and decorate the opening with a white electric garland.