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Types, features and options for glass decoration for interior doors

Colorful Interior Door decor


  • Types of glass
  • Glass constructions
  • Decoration
  • Glass sheet repair
  • Operation of glass doors

Glass is a popular type of decor for interior doors. This material is considered not only beautiful, but also durable, it gives the door structure lightness and provides good light transmission. To date, glass processing has reached the highest skill – it is distinguished by a high variety of decoration, therefore it is used in both classic and ultra-fashionable interiors.

Types of glass

Satin (black and white) with a matte finish. The effect is achieved through sandblasting and chemical etching, and can be cut and hardened.

Triplex is a laminated glass glued with a laminating liquid or film. It is considered the most durable and safest variety, since if it breaks, it does not crumble into pieces, it is also easy to drill holes in it.

Fusing is a technology that allows you to glue together several colored glass pieces. Often, a drawing is laid out from them.

Lacobel – a surface covered with multi-colored varnish, which gives a rich deep picture. Such glass is not afraid of moisture, it is easy to care for it.

Reinforced with an internal mesh reinforcement for added durability.

Ordinary colored glass is the most inexpensive and not very durable.

Glass Door Decor
Glass Door Decor

Glass constructions

Interior doors with glass can be made in different designs, which differ in the way of opening. The most popular are swing doors with one or two slabs. Sliding options as well as coupe models are also popular. However, such canvases require a solid structure and a strong roller mechanism, since the glass weighs quite a lot.  

In office premises, swing glass doors are often installed, which can be opened in all directions, depending on the situation and convenience.


Interior doors made entirely of glass or with separate inserts are usually decorated in the following ways:

  • Colored spraying is an inexpensive and beautiful option;
  • Corrugation with protrusions or indentations;
  • Sandblasting in white, silver or gold color;
  • Painting with acrylic paints;
  • Chemical etching to create a matte surface;
  • Artistic hand-painted;
  • Diamond engraving with triangular slots;
  • Stained glass – decoration with pieces of glass of different colors.

Glass inserts repair

If the glass of the interior door is broken, then you can fix this problem both with the help of a contractor or on your own. If the door structure is simple enough, then it is easy to replace the insert with your own hands. However, before ordering a replacement option, it is necessary to carefully measure the glass sheet, as well as the depth of the fasteners.

                However, if the glass is fixed with glazing beads or decorative nails, the situation can be somewhat more complicated. You will need to completely disassemble the structure to measure the glazing beads and the glass insert, then return everything to its original place.

Jewelry accuracy will require glass of irregular shape in the form of any shape. In this case, it is better to use the services of a master, the deviation is even a few millimeters, and you will have to order another glass.

Operation of glass doors

Glass repair and replacement may not be necessary as long as it is properly cared for and used carefully. The glass surface should be cleaned regularly to maintain its original appearance. To do this, you can use:

  • Cloth or napkin
  • Cotton cloth or microfiber napkin.
  • Alcohol and soap solution
  • Glass liquid
  • Ready-to-use glass cleaning fluids.
  • Dust repellent compounds
  • Various dust-repellent compounds.

The variety of ways to handle glass doors allows you to install them in any room, be it a kitchen, living room, bedroom or study. Such slabs are especially good for baths and saunas, as well as for the office. Such models visually expand the space and add a touch of originality to the interior.