Can You Install Sliding Doors For Bathroom?

Natural Wood SLiding DOors

When the apartment has narrow corridors and there is a struggle for every inch, the swing door becomes a tragedy. It would seem that it is compact and takes up space only in the opening… until you want to open it. The protruding door slab requires the space near the entrance to free. And in the case when several of these doors are nearby, it can also become traumatic. One opened door prevents the other from opening and it is easy to pinch your fingers or just bump in such a situation. This type of door is helpful, but can you install sliding doors for bathroom? We will review it in this article.   

Natural Wood Sliding Doors

How a sliding door works?

A sliding door works on a completely different principle compared to a swing door. It has guides that are installed from the top or bottom. And along them it slides off, respectively, to the right or to the left. There is an opportunity to purchase door soft-closers for such a door. And the door will always close smoothly, no matter how hard you close it. All mechanisms are hidden with decorative panels, and only the door itself remains in sight. Nothing extra. Simple, convenient and beautiful.  

Such doors look good at the entrance to any room. And a bathroom with a shower is no exception. This is especially convenient for owners of apartments with narrow corridors. The sliding door only needs space along the wall. And the entire area in front of the door is now at your complete disposal. 

Mounting options:

Fixing to the wall

In this option, the guides are attached from above and the door slides “in the air”. A pin is installed on the floor, which hides in the groove of the door. This element is invisible, but very important. It keeps the movement of the sash on one axis, preventing it from tilting back and forth. It is also a stopper that prevents the door from opening more than possible. The weight of the structure in this mounting option lies to the wall. Therefore, if you have a plasterboard wall without amplifiers inside – abandon this idea of ​​fastening.  

Fixing to the floor

In this version, the weight of the entire structure goes to the floor. A rail is installed from below and a door on wheels slides along it. Above, there is also a reciprocal element, which does not allow the door to deviate back and forth.  

An option with a top mount is more suitable for the bathroom. The floor guide requires regular maintenance. The groove along which the door travels is clogged with dust and dirt, and the sash will open with effort over time.  

Types of sliding doors

Bypass Sliding Doors

Such doors move along the wall. In order to install it, you only need the distance to the side of the door. In the case when the bath and toilet are separate, there are several installation options.

  • Doors are installed in such a way that they move along different lines. Just like in wardrobes. In the open position of the two doors, the sashes will be one after the other.
  • If there is free space at each of the openings, then it is better to make the installation so that the doors open in different directions.
  • Rearrangement. And the doorways either connect and make one whole sliding door. Or, on the contrary, move them away from each other.

Pocket sliding doors

Such a door goes hides right into the wall. Very convenient from the point of view of use. However, in order to install such an option, you will need to disassemble the wall and mount the door mechanism in it. Then the entire structure is sewn up with plasterboard and decorated in the color of the walls. This type of door is best planned during a major renovation or at the design stage of a house.

Pocket Sliding Doors For Bathroom

Accordion Sliding Doors

This door has an accordion-like structure. The guides are installed in the very opening of the door. And when fully opened, part of the opening remains occupied by the door. But, beyond the dimensions of the opening, it does not go anywhere.

Accordion Sliding Doors

Door materials

The bathroom is a place where there is always a humid surronding. All materials in this room are moisture resistant. And the door is no exception. What criteria should it meet?  

  • Moisture and chemical resistance
  • Durability
  • Withstand climatic changes

There are many options on the door market. Various materials, designs, opening methods and purposes. Therefore, you can easily find the right option for the bathroom .  

The door of natural wood

If you are a connoisseur of natural wood, keep in mind that solid wood doors are not suitable for humid environments. They can be installed, but warranty is given. Knowing all the nuances of such a decision. Wood “breathes” and has the ability to absorb moisture from the air. And in the bathroom, moisture will be everywhere, all year round. And it will be difficult for an array of wood to cope with it. 

There are ways to extend the life of such a material under these conditions. This is a choice of resinous wood species and a special water-repellent door surface treatment. 

Glass doors

Graceful thin glass sliding doors for bathroom will not leave anyone indifferent. Such material will withstand both high humidity and climatic temperature changes, as well as attack by chemical detergents. The glass of these doors is durable and shock-resistant. 

Glass Sliding Doors

Doors with laminate coating

The manufacturing technology of such a door involves the application of a PVC film to the door. It is the quality of this film and the way it is applied that affects the ability to install it in the bathroom. In other words, choose this type of door with good security properties. Managers of Doors & More showroom will help you to make the right choice.   

Doors of plastics

Such a material is, of course, suitable for a humid bathroom climate. The only drawback is the poor choice of designs and colors. It is mostly white and woody. 

The doors , covered with veneer

Today there are technologies for the manufacture of moisture resistant veneer. It is a fully synthetic material that has a natural veneer structure. 

Door fittings

The sliding doors for bathroom is completed with the same fittings as the swing door. Except for the loops, of course. The handle, lock, latch are included in the kit. But the sliding system is something that you need to choose. Depending on its functionality and closing method, the system will be different. 

How to care for a sliding door

The sliding door does not require constant maintenance and your attention. Nevertheless, it is advisable to periodically lubricate all mechanisms. When the door is installed on the floor, it is necessary to clean the groove of the guide from dirt and dust. It is enough to wipe the door leaf with a damp cloth. If it is glass, use products for this material. For doors of solid wood using polish.     

Benefits :

  • Variety of design options
  • The interior of the apartment takes on a modern and elegant look.
  • Not dangerous when there is a strong draft
  • Smooth and quiet closing

Disadvantages :

  • Poor soundproofing
  • There is no sealing, which means that there are no obstacles for all unpleasant odors.
  • The budget opening system is short-lived. Therefore, it is better to immediately purchase a kit in the premium segment.
  • Floor rails require weekly cleaning. 

Let’s summarize

A sliding door is beautiful, comfortable and elegant. We have reviewed the types, materials. And now, knowing these nuances, you can decide whether to install sliding doors for bathroom and toilet or not.