Why Should I Buy New Wooden Windows?

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Probably many people still remember the feel of old wooden windows. Their distinguishing feature is the ever-falling paint. Because of this, the frames had to be painted almost every year. It didn’t help much to improve the appearance. After a couple of months, the paint cracked again.

The new wooden structures are completely different. They will not present such disadvantages, although still much depends on the external conditions and care. What is the difference between modern wooden windows and old window frames? It is huge and lies not only in the quality of the wood, but also in the coatings themselves.

wooden windows brooklyn

Once upon a time, wood was not of the best quality on wooden frames. It needed additional work and putty. This is practically the main reason why the paint from such structures was constantly peeling off. Wood adheres poorly to plaster and putty. If at the same time we take into account the factor of humidity, then you can come to a clue of paint peeling.

Another reason for the unaesthetic appearance of old-style windows is that predominantly oil-based materials were used to cover them. For example, oil paints were very popular. They are, of course, very resistant and of high quality, but they do not allow the wood to “breathe” at all. Therefore, when moisture gets inside the frames, the paint swells.

Today, oil paints are no longer used. When processing wood, only those water basis paints are used. Their main difference is precisely in the fact that they allow glass units to “breathe” and do not impede vapor evaporation. In contrast, oil formulations are vapor-proof.

The tightness of glass units in modern wooden windows is another characteristic difference. Previously, when installing glass, no sealants were used, and moisture got into the frames. This is almost impossible today. But even if the frames get wet, they can return to normal very quickly. After all, moisture will simply evaporate through the pores in the coating. No bloating or peeling will occur.

Modern wooden windows are usually processed in several stages. The first and one of the most important stages is varnishing with special compounds to prevent rotting and the appearance of mold. The second stage is painting the windows. On some structures, staining is not used at all. This, for example, is often absent on double-glazed windows. However, oak frames are always painted.