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Interior Door Care Tips

take care about interior doors

An interior door is not just an integral part of the interior decoration of a room. But, perhaps, the most important of these parts. It always stands out against the background of furniture, wallpaper, wardrobes. Therefore, the most attention is paid to the interior door. Naturally, it should be avoided for the interior doors to become covered with dust or dirt. Because such a condition is unlikely to leave a pleasant impression of your home on the guests. Well, besides this, it is necessary to take care of it to extend its service life. For example, hinges fail very quickly without regular adjustment and lubrication. The same can be said for all other door elements. Read more tips on how to take care of your interior doors.

take care about interior doors
take care about interior doors

And therefore, at least once a year, an inspection and redecoration of the interior door should be carried out. Only in this way is it possible to preserve its technical characteristics for a long time, and you must admit that it is always pleasant to look at a clean, beautiful door.

Inspection begins with checking the fasteners and all other mechanisms. If dirt gets into them (and it always gets there), clean it thoroughly. To do this, remove the slab from the hinges and wipe the hinges with a cloth soaked in oil. Locks should also be subjected to a similar procedure. First, you need to disassemble them, separately lubricate all the elements and finally add a little oil to the mechanism itself. It is not worth neglecting such a process. Otherwise, one “fine” day, the door may close and no longer open.

The surface of the web itself requires more frequent maintenance. As soon as you notice contamination, remove it immediately. If there is no visible contamination, then wash the interior door during routine cleaning. In this case, take into account the type of coating. For example, the varnish is very sensitive to the effects of detergents. Therefore, unique solutions must be selected for it. Otherwise, scratches or other damage may appear after cleaning. It is not so difficult to choose a gentle cleanser. Today there are a lot of particular substances for cleaning furniture on sale.

But if a scratch has already appeared on the door, then you will need polishing wax, which is spread on a rag and rubbed into the surface until you achieve the desired result. Means with a “heavy” chemical composition are contraindicated for most interior doors because their use can lead to the appearance of sharply distinguished defects, which are then very often simply impossible to eliminate. You can make a detergent at home by mixing food, alcohol, and water in a 1 to 9 ratio, respectively. This solution is entirely safe for almost all types of slabs.